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Thread: Name sightings

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    I heard a very loud family in a restaurant recently with a Verity, William, Theo and baby Esmerelda.

    I felt a tiny bit sorry for her - her older siblings called her exclusively 'Esmie', her dad was adamant on 'Elle' and her mum called her Esmerelda, with the occasional 'Mimi'. Poor kid probably doesn't know what the heck her name is, but I'm sure she'll appreciate the choice of nicknames as she gets older!

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    I heard of a baby boy named "Killian" today...

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    I know half sisters named Summer and Autumn (with different last names). They have a little brother named Michael.

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    I met an Agnes today I was very excited
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    A teacher at my school had her baby boy over the weekend. His name is Eben Elisha.
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