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    Baby Taylor (Girl)!

    I had a dream ages ago that I had a baby sister named Taylor she was such a cute baby girl! She was wearing a little red dress with white dots on it and she had the prettiest brown short hair. (I'm an only child so these dreams are interesting to me) my Mum was taking Taylor to this place to get weighed (To make sure she was the right weight for her age) and I had to sit outside on the chairs and what for my Mum and Taylor to come out the room.

    I didn't want to wake up from that dream! And when I did I had a tear in my eye because a part of me just wanted Taylor to be real.
    I don't know what it's like to have a special bond with a younger or older sibling. So having this dream and getting to know baby Taylor was magical. I really bonded with her even though she technically is not real.
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    I understand. I always wanted that bond too and there have been times when I envy my dh's bond with his siblings and even the bond my own children have with each other, but I'm thankful they get to have that (and I remind them how blessed they are to have each other too!). It sounds like a special dream and I wouldn't have wanted to wake up from it either!
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    I can understand that. I have three siblings, but I've dreamed of adoption a lot, just because it means so much to me and I really wanted my parents to adopt one more kid for years (I didn't give up on it until halfway through college, lol!). I've had dreams that I've had children, or fallen in love, and I don't want to wake up from those. I've heard boys complain about how life-like girls say their dreams are, but ah, well. I rather like dreams, that they're like these adventures that we never experience in real life, but we can feel like they're real, in a way.

    Personally, I think Chloe and Taylor would have made a nice sisterset!
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    Hey, just remember that having siblings doesn't guarantee a lifelong friend, doesn't guarantee ANYTHING.
    I have 8 siblings, EIGHT!!!! I was born and raised with most all of them, think I have a best friend from them? No. Some times, people just don't get along and mesh well together, we're all different people.

    So there you have it, I have 8 siblings and I STILL have those dreams and goals of wanting a bestfriend sister, someone closer to me than anyone, it will never happen. Has made me sad too in my life but everything is not always as it seems.

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    That's funny, I've dreamed about my mom having another baby and they have ALWAYS been nightmares. It usually involves a feeling of being replaced or shut out. But I'm also the youngest of 4. I mean, I love my brothers... but I feel like the sibling bond is a little over romanticized. Everyone had their own problems and someone inevitably feels ignored or unwanted. We would also have horrible fights where living together was literally torture. I have wanted to be a big sister at times, but I think I've wanted to be an only child more.

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