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    Which 'dated' name do you hear most on babies?

    I hear Amanda on babies/toddlers all the time! I feel like this name sounds very 90s but there are 4 Amandas under 4 at the daycare I work at, and at a daycare I used to work at there were 2 Amandas.

    What name do you find dated that you still hear on babies/young children?

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    I was so surprised when I met a six-year-old Kim a while back!

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    I don't hear a lot of dated names on babies so I can't make a judgement on which ones are popular on them, but I used to know a Shannon-Mai, who was about 6 or 7 when I last met her. I was surprised to hear Shannon on a little girl. There's also a toddler called Jessica at my church, and my cousin's boyfriend's half-sister is a Megan, and she's 6. I also overheard a little Ada, but I think Ada is more vintage, though it still has quite an old fashioned vibe to me.
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    I second Amanda, and amazingly, her mother is surprised when she runs into so many adult Amandas. I also recently met a little Jenny.
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    I really like names that are seen as dated. I've heard Alan and Nancy being used on young children, I have acquaintances in their late 20's named Shirley, Linda and Brenda. I went to school with an Ita and Rosemary.

    I like Jenny, Nancy, Alan, Eric, Brenda and Linda as names, I find them refreshing and it's great to see them still being used as some names that peaked during one particular decade are real gems.
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