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    Rate the Previous Try-Out Names

    Hey everyone!

    I thought I'd make a thread for names we'd like to try out.

    Put 5 names you'd like to try out, and the next poster will rate them and give their thoughts and opinion, and so on. You can post as many times as you like!

    I'll start:

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    ~ Possible Future Names ~

    Gwyneira Lily | Matilda Violet | Amelia Snow | Coraline ?
    Victor Valentine | Harald Forrest | Colin ? | Wolfric David | Arthur Sage

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    Beverlia: I don't even like Beverly honestly, but I don't dislike this anymore than I dislike Beverly.
    Lochlainn: I have Lachlan on my list, but I'm not sure about this spelling.
    Rosalind: I'm not a Rose fan, but this is very pretty!
    Judah: Lovely!
    Leofric: Eh. I really don't like it honestly. It just doesn't sound like a real name to me. I might not love Wulfric or Leonard, but at least they feel more legitimate. Sorry.

    Can I try out combos?
    Daisy Cressida
    Ivy Isobel/Victoria Ivy Isobel
    Lydia Daphne
    Wilhelmina Bright
    Ruth Oliviane
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    Jane Tallulah * Mary Odilia-Lark * Eliza Julienne "Liddie"
    Ruth Adela * Edith Josephine * Paloma Beatrice "Lola"

    Claudia * Esther * Francesca * Georgiana * Hannah * Kit * Luisa * Vivianne * Wilhelmina
    Shepherd Remus * Patrick Alasdair * Christopher Buchanan "Kit"
    Jonah Malachy * Peter Abraham * Rory Alexander

    Abram * Andrew * Arthur * Eugene * George * Harry * Jonathan * Noel * Soren * Stephen

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    Of course!

    Daisy Cressida: I like these names separately, but together I find they contrast too much style wise. Cressida sounds very elegant and old world sounding, whereas Daisy sounds very preppy and happy. Perhaps Ivy Cressida, or Petunia Cressida.
    Ivy Isobel/ Victoria Ivy Isobel: I love Victpria Ivy Isobel! It's gorgeous. Ivy Isobel is too much Is I find
    Lydia Daphne: I like this, it's sweet and lady like
    Wilhelmina Bright: I like Wilhelmina, but with Bright it doesn't work for me. Wilhelmina already sounds very intellectual to me, and Bright just adds to that association too obviously. I would try something like Wilhelmina Scarlett, Wilhelmina Idony, Wilhelmina Freyja, or Wilhelmina Edith
    Ruth Oliviane: Wow! This combo is so gorgeous, I used to dislike the name Ruth but I think you've made me love it! It's stunning. Oliviane is perfect with it. Its a definite yes for me.

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    ~ Possible Future Names ~

    Gwyneira Lily | Matilda Violet | Amelia Snow | Coraline ?
    Victor Valentine | Harald Forrest | Colin ? | Wolfric David | Arthur Sage

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    Rosalyne: Lovely and unexpected! Different than your average Rosemarys and Rosalies. Still good for nn purposes and keeping Rose/Rosa in there.
    Vincent: Enjoy Vincent but I don't care for it's nick names: Vin, Vinny, Vince. Prefer this name as is, very classic and long!
    Othniel: Definitely not one I've seen commonly used and perhaps because of this it's nms. Remind me of Arthur and Nathaniel put together.
    Erminia: The 'Erm' at the beginning looks a bit awkward, but this name still sounds lovely. Would possibly prefer Arminia/Armina.
    Viveca: Love how feminine it looks and the meaning is beautiful. Good pick in my opinion!

    Finnegan Sterling (seriously can't find a mn to fit Finn w/o it sounding like a little old man or very young child)
    Clara Maple
    Remy Alexandre
    Francis Bloom
    Keira Plum
    hi, i'm carla: a twenty-two year old name collector + bookworm

    loving for ladies:
    + Keira Plum, Hazel Noella Nightingale, Luna Elliot, Astoria Grace,
    Emmeline Fig, Vivienne Moon, Evelyn Sonnet, Eleanor Jane Darling

    loving for gentleman:
    + Bellamy Fox, Theo Francis Sparrow, Finley Alexander, Rhys Marcellus,
    Benjamin Wolfe

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    Finnegan Sterling > 6/10 Love Finnegan but not Sterling
    Clara Maple > 3/10 neither of them appealing to me
    Remy Alexandre > 8/10 I love Remy
    Francis Bloom >7/10 Francis is good, not sure about Bloom
    Keira Plum > 5/10 I don't like Plum

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    Manolya • Mariye • Mira • Polaris • Talia

    Aber • Burç • Elyesa • Evren • Erdenay
    Erendiz • Harun • Kays • Mikail • Musa
    Sami • Tufan • Yafes • Yusuf • Yunus

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