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    What did you name your childhood dolls?

    My first Cabbage Patch Kid was "Jacqueline." I think my mom suggested it, but I thought it sounded so fanciful! Even though we said it the Americanized way, not the French pronunciation. I also had dolls named after an aunt ("Shelly") and kindergarten friend ("Emily Marie"- first and middle). My favorite stuffed animal was a squirrel named "Lassie" and my security blanket was "Nonie."

    My brother's favorite stuffed animal was a bear called "Hammy" because he was a promotional item for Hamm's beer. Yes, back in the day when alcohol companies marketed with children's toys...!

    Would love to hear what struck your fancy to bestow upon your childhood treasures!

    Also, remember Ramona Quimby's doll "Chevrolet"?!

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    The names that I can vividly remember are:

    Lea - A dark haired Barbie with a purple bikini. She one of those side shaves before it was cool!
    Tina - This little doll with a permanent top knot.
    Jemima - A blonde doll in a pink dress.
    Serafina - A Native American doll my grandparents brought back from America for me. I'm surprised that my 5 year old self could come up with a name like that!
    Tomashe - (prn Tom-a-shee) I was 2 years old, and it was the doll I was given when my brother, Tom, was a newborn. Yep, "Tom, a she."
    Lee, blackbird.

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    I had so many Polly Pockets when I was younger. Unfortunately, I can't remember too many of their names! Here are a couple (some were mine, some were my sister's):

    Lina - she was my very favorite doll, so of course she had my very favorite name. I still love the name to this day
    Ruby - I think I only named her this because of the outfit she came in, because I don't remember ever loving the name Ruby
    Miranda - Pretty, dark-haired doll. I still like this name a lot
    Penelope - I remember naming her this because I thought she looked dorky and at the time thought Penelope was a dorky name
    Alexis - Don't like this anymore
    Whitney - At the time, I thought this name was so "out there" and unique
    Sophie - I thought it was so cute at the time, but I don't like it as much today due to popularity
    Appleson - Yes, you read that right. Appleson. I randomly came up with this and thought it was the coolest name ever (fortunately, I disagree today)
    Carly - my sister's
    Lacey - my sister's
    Tiffany - my sister's
    Sheila - my sister's
    Molly - my sister's
    Crystal - my sister's

    There were so many more, but that's all my poor brain can think of
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    The dolls I played with most were Amy, Emily, Andrew and Polly. My tastes have changed significantly since then.
    If only I could make a living naming other people's children...

    Girl names I'm loving right now: Alaka, Jane, Daisy, Arabella, Francesca, Georgia, Ciara, Violet, Flora, Raphaela, Beatrice, Winter, Hazel, Delia, Bronwen
    Boy names I love (after naming 5 of my own): Gideon, Watson, Magnus, Miles, Oliver, Callum, Felix, Rafferty/Rafe, Edmund, Reuben

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    My sister and I had some Barbies and such that came with names already (Barbie, Ken, Tommy, Kelly, Theresa, etc). Then she had a doll named Snookums, another named Natasha, and that's all I remember for her.

    I had a Bitty Baby doll and changed her name so many times. When I got her, I loved the name Stacy. Then it went to Amy, Sophie, Megan, and so on. I also had a doll named Abigail "Abby". And even though it's not a doll, I had my sicky dog..throughout my childhood, I suffered from seizures, and would have to have blood draws fairly often (I think because of my medication or something..not sure, I was pretty young), and I was given a Beanie Baby dog I named Tuffy..because he helped me be Tough.

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