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    Describe somebody you know and we'll rename them !

    Though this would be fun, along the lines of ''tell us about yourself and we'll guess your name''. But this time it's describing family/friends/acquaintances and the person below has to guess.

    To start I'll describe somebody first...
    -She's 15, a family friend. She's half British half Thai, born and raised in London. She's a creative spirit and so much fun to be around. She loves movies and whenever I'm with her we always cook random vegetable dishes. She's relatively short with wavy, bleached hair

    (I suppose you can reply with their real first name if you want, and remember not to give any personal info away).
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    I would name her Violet Kalaya

    She is 23 with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a voluptuous woman who talks a million Miles an hour, and will make friends with just about anyone!
    Currenly I'm loving..
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    Id guess Jessica Marie (but goes by Jess)

    She is in her late 20s, with black hair and brown eyes. She works as a nanny and lovely eating healthy and shopping!
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    Noemi Francine.

    17 years old. Long dark straight hair, very pale. Short, normal weight. Completely obsess with fantasy and TV shows. In university studying to be a director for movies. Very shy and quiet until you get her talking about something she's passionate about.

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    Olivia Mae.

    I'll give you a male one He's 25 years old, Jewish, pale skin and black hair, brown eyes. Loves reading. He's a history teacher. A bit shy at first, which some people mistake for arrogance. Would do anything for his family and friends.
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