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    Can this be combined into one name?

    I posted a day or two ago asking for suggestions on the name 'Zellie'. I decided to go with Hazel. I then decided on my top name being

    Avalon Hazel Braith

    But my partner doesn't want 2 middle names. So I'm wondering if Hazelbraith could work as a single name, or perhaps Hazelbrae (which I know has connections to the Breccon Beacons in Wales, near to where I'm from). Although Brae and Braith mean two very different things, I like how they both sound. Brae I believe is Hill in Scottish, Braith means Freckled in Welsh. Brae is pronounced Bray, Braith is Bray-th.
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    It can be combined and I think it's pretty, particularly Hazelbraith, not so much Hazelbrae. I do prefer Hazel on its own though.

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    I like Hazel Braith but I think it loses it's charm as Hazelbrae or Hazelbraith which, honestly, look like clumps of syllables. Maybe hyphenating? Hazel-Braith seems more visually appealing in this situation.
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    Well, I'll admit neither Hazel nor Braith is my style.

    That said, Hazelbraith to me looks like "hazel breath".


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    Avalon Hazel is pretty~

    Imo, Hazelbrae and Hazelbraith look very odd and nether very appealing. Though, Hazelbraith looks prettier to me. Maybe you could go a bit subtle such as Braezel/Braizel or Hazbraith. Also, maybe Blaize or Basil?

    (Also, liking a previous suggestion of Hazel-Braith)

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