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    Who are you honoring?

    If you honor someone with one of your combos, who is it?
    A family member, a famous person, a writer, a musician, a painter, etc.?
    Are you using their names, variations, names they like, initials, similar sounding names?

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    Elliott Victor Frederick / Caspian

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    For me MNs are the honouring spot.
    For girls-
    Colette (after late sister)
    Maeve (honouring grandmother Mae is her mn and she's Irish)
    John (family name on SO's side)
    Murray (family name on my side)
    Tate (variation of my family name)
    Auntie to Connor Douglas (June 2012) & Parker Isabella (Oct 2013)


    My full list here. Please comment and I'll comment on yours
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    Hmm I don't know how many of these I'd actually use but:

    Lila- my first competition teacher for dance is named Lila
    Violet- sort of a nod to my Disney loving self
    Leo- my favorite character in my favorite book series
    James/Jameson/Seamus- my grandpas are both named James nn Jim
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    Bows: Lila or Maeve or Moira or Sadie or Iris or Violet or Ivy or Margo
    Beaus: Carter or Jasper or Leo or Archer or Torin or Seamus or August

    This week I'm liking: Milania and Malcolm

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    For girls I've thought about Mae or a variation of Margaret as a mn. Both would honor grandmothers. Unfortunately, the Margaret one hates her name, so I probably won't end up using it since it doesn't really honor if she hates it

    For my top boy name, the mn would be a spelling variation of Jameson, which is my great grandmother's surname.
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    I kinda have a thing for combining names/use letters from their names to make honor names

    Jane- honors our moms Joann and Lorraine (ayne sound from Lorraine and J from Joann)
    Fiammetta- to honor my grandmas, Florence and Meta
    Cyrus- to honor our dads Carl and Thomas

    Also want to use Wolf in the middle as its my maiden name, which honors my dad as most people call him Wolfy
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