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    Your Signature Personality

    Another poster had started a thread about whether or not you could tell someone's personality by the names they like. I thought it was interesting and I had actually been thinking about this as well. So I thought I'd start a thread where we could briefly describe what we imagine the person to be like based on their signature. What would you say about me?
    Violet Adair, Daphne Larkspur, Tempest Eve, Penelope Hazel,
    Juniper Isolde, Clio Marguerite, Etta Rosalind, Posey Adelaide,
    Thessaly Rose, Adele Corisande, Verity Tulip, Eugenie Pearl

    Jude Atlas, Silas Theodore Wolf, Bear Atticus, Quentin Miles,
    August Lucien, Elliott Grey, Azariah Fox, Cyrus William, Ezra Julian,
    Henry Absalom, Jasper Malachi, Leon Devereux

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    Hogwarts, Naturally
    themes: nature names, vintage names, a few popular names sprinkled in. A handful of Biblical names too.

    From the above observations, I would think you are looking for a name which is uncommon, but recognizable.

    You are a nature lover and book lover (Jude + Devereux, Atticus). You may have a Christian belief. You believe in following protocol, but not blindly - you love to mix things up just a bit to show your creativity.

    ~Eric Arthur, Ian Everett, Kent ?~
    ~Elowen Joy, Arden, Julia, Avalon, Lydia~

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    Most of your names have two syllables, so I'd say you kinda like to keep it simple, but not too boring. Your guilty pleasures seems to be a mix of names that are pretty uncommon (Annalea and Cassia) and some that are so common their almost boring (Ethan and Michael), so I'd say you want a name that will stand out a bit, but doesn't stray too far from the norm. I'd also say you like nature. Arden and Avalon suggest you have a sort of magical side, as well.
    Bethany Lucia Sidney Dean Catherine Marigold "Cathy" Peter David
    Arthur Benedict Alice Thisbe Edward Holden "Ned" Jane Octavia
    Amelia "Millie", Esther, Eleanor, Hadassah, Isobel, Juliette, Margaret, and Phoebe
    Andrew, Eugene, Francis, Gregory "Rory", Jordan, Rhodes, River, and Stephen
    Nike, Pallas, and Zenobia
    Androcles, Cymbeline, and Orpheus

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    I think that you like names that are classic but not boring. You have lots of fun names that are exiting and out of the ordinary.
    Jack William, Jefferson Munir, Robert Finlay Emmiline, Grace, Racheal, Joy, Claire, Elisabeth, Kae, Marie, Marla, Jane, Mia, Margret, Elsie, Lily, Abigail
    I like classic traditional names.
    Currently Obsessed With The Name Gretel

    Writer, Storyteller, Reader

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    I think you are strong-willed, because the names on your signature are classics. You also have a playful, magical side like with Elsie and Lily.
    Aria Jocelyn, Luella Faye,Mabry Charlotte, Matilda Annabelle, Lilia Sage, Clara Isabella, Symphony Eliza, and Rosalie Jane.

    Archer Brooks, Gabriel James, Abram Reed, Henry Matthew, Joseph Levi, Declan Jude, and Oliver William.

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