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    Middle Name Conundrum

    So I am recently engaged and hope to make some offspring with in a few years but as far as naming goes there is an odd tradition in my fiance's mother's family. You name the girls at birth with out a middle name and then when they marry they take on the middle name or 1st letter initial as their middle initial or name. This worked well for the first generation of girls with a maiden name of Kelly. But now I am not so sure that is a good idea, plus it gives a girl the idea that they're not whole until their is a man in their life, or does it give them room to grow?
    Also my maiden name is Mathieu (pronounced matthew) and my grandmother wants me to keep that name as my first son's name, but I am also a doctor and want to keep my maiden name when I am in practice. Be Dr. Mathieu but Mrs. Moorman (fiance's last name) so people know that I am married but not lose my sense of individuality.

    Also names of girls that I like are Grace Elizabeth Moorman but if I follow that tradition it would be Grace Moorman changed to Grace M. insert-married-name-here.

    Boys I like the name Tennyson, Ellison, William, George and Judah. Do these even go with Mathieu?

    Again Thoughts?

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    I think it sounds beyond bizarre. I too would resent the message.

    And FWIW as an MD it's way, way, way easier to deal with the inevitable credentialing/privileges/licensing paperwork if you've never changed your name. Not that it's insurmountable if you do, but it's just much easier.
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    Maybe use the middle name Kelly? That was you are honoring his side of the family and the story/tradition behind the name Kelly
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    Quote Originally Posted by lillian85 View Post
    Maybe use the middle name Kelly? That was you are honoring his side of the family and the story/tradition behind the name Kelly
    Yup, this.
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    That wouldn't sit well with me. Not every woman gets married, I agree with you the message is a bit archaic. Not everyone has a middle name, either, so she wouldn't necessarily be 'incomplete', but this is a tradition I would be keen to break. It's up to you to decide whether you personally feel uncomfortable with it, though.
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