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    Are These Good Names?

    Hey, please humor me and rate these baby names I have picked out for my future children. I first discovered name berry a few years ago when my mother had a surprise baby 10 ten years after her last child. She and my father played a guessing game to guess the name of the baby giving little hints. So I became a frequent viewer of this site and inevitably started picking my favourites. I was surprised at the number of posts by expectant mothers a week from due date asking for help naming there baby. So anyway, I thought I'd be prepared and get a jump start with names. (not that there's anything wrong with waiting until last minute, that's cool too).

    I've asked family for opinions and read a lot of reviews on names that I love, have meaning to me and that I hope would be well received by other people. Also not too popular, i like names a little unique and classic. I have decided on two middle names for each, because it runs in the family and I personally think it's more elegant despite some hate against it for being too long etc. But hey, if queen Elizabeth has three middle names and it's custom for royalty then how bad could it be? Lol

    Here they are:

    Suzanne Izabelle Joy
    Rowan Josiah Lincoln
    Evangeline Violet Hope
    Rosalie Vesper Faith
    Jasper Jabez Alexander
    Elsie Hazel Grace

    Yes! I plan on having a big family, I am one of 4 and think that having lots of siblings is awesome.

    I'm wanting opinions on how Elegant, Practical, higher class the names sound. The boys names have one Hebrew middle-name. And the girls names have one Virtue middle-name. They would not be hyphenated.

    I'm also debating on the name Elsie Hazel Grace or should it be..
    Elsie Hazel Merritt
    Elsie Hazel Patience

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