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    Have you ever been called by an unrelated namr?

    I'm constantly being called by names that are completely unrelated to my own. I've been called Alisson and Alisa by teachers and doctors, Alicia by a janitor, Abby by a gym coach, and Ashley and Alex by a lunch lady. Let's swap stories. What were you called, what did you think, how did you react to the person?
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    I get called Amanda or Allison at work quite a lot. There is also an Amanda and an Allison, so I suppose it makes sense. But we're not really alike at all. Also Amy, but there's no Amy there now, so that doesn't make as much sense. They just see me and think "A" name, I think. I just stare at them awkwardly and go, "Uhhh, do you mean Ashley?!" lol. And then they apologize, of course. I'm not hugely fond of my name to begin with, so I don't really mind so much. I have an Annabel nametag at work, anyway, so I can sort of see how they'd get confused.

    My old boss used to call me Ashlina (not sure how you'd spell it? Said ash-uh-lee-nah), which I actually rather liked, too. But that was on purpose. She did that for a lot of girls. There was a Madelyn that she called Madelina, too.
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    I almost always get called variations, similar-sounding, or mispronunciations of my name. I can't actually say that I get called unrelated names that much. I get called Amanda sometimes, but that's my sister's name, so it kind of makes sense. Lisa, Allison, Alicia, Eliza, Elissa, Elisha, and so name is Alyssa, so again, these aren't that far off. I'm trying to think of an actual unrelated name...oh, I've gotten called Ashley, Amy, Anne, and Elise before.

    I really don't even blink anymore when someone calls me by something other than my name. I correct them maybe twice, but after that, just let it go. There's a lady I work with who, whenever she sees me, goes "hey Lisa!!". I just smile and say 'hey' back. It may bug some people, but I find it hilarious (as long as my name gets spelled right on official documents). I actually have a collection of receipts and papers that have my name misspelled.
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    Amber. My name is Heather, but any time that someone has gotten my name wrong it has always been by calling me Amber instead, which I found really annoying because I hate that name.
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    We have the same name! The only difference is I spell it Alissa. People misspell it like yours all the time.
    Teen girl who ironically doesn't plan on having kids

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