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    What's your personality?

    I think that somebody's favorite names say a lot about their personality, so I thought in this thread, we could build off of that. You can give a little summary of what you think the pp's personality is like, based on their favorite names, or the names in their signature. Like, if somebody had the names Edmund, Louisa, Rupert, and Viviana in their signature, I would say that they were quiet, intelligent, and loved to read, among other things. You just guess what somebody is like. Hopefully this is fun!

    The first poster can start by saying my personality, based on my signature.
    Fable Charlotte, Reverie Autumn, Aria Josephine, Indira Moon, Luna Indigo, Rowan Evangeline, Lilia Story, Wren Annabella, Clover Adelaide, Meadow Juliet, Faye Coraline, Ruby Serenity, and Willow Aria.

    Sage Rowen, Everett Milo, Sawyer Penn, Jude Emerson, Oakley Emmett, Sterling Emrys, Apollo Dylan, Pierce Benjamin, Stellan Jacob, Knox Robin, Shepherd Finley, Timothy Luca, Caspian Thomas, and Archer Noah.

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    I would say that you are a peaceful dreamer, but with a little sparkle :-)
    Hi, I'm Jessica Kathleen- Newlywed and hopefully prego soon! Lover of babies and baby names!

    * Lana Rosalie * Faline Francesca * Maya Dawn * Rhea Kathleen * Athena Celeste * Florence Noelle * Vero Helena * Amelia Marcheline * Annika Felicity * Gaia Antonia *

    * Knox Francesco * Scott Thomas * Varro Gregory * Theodore Laurence * Matteo Lee * Jesse Daniel * Ansel Alexander * Rhett Hartley * Clark Vincent * Hugo Valentine *

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    I'd say you are a bit of an old soul. You choose names based on meaning as well as sound.

    Jane Felicity * Mary Susannah * Eliza Juliette
    Ruth Adela * Esther Josephine

    Claudia * Columba * Elinor "Nell" * Georgiana * Hannah * Luisa * Paloma "Lola" * Vivianne * Wilhelmina
    Ciaran David * Patrick Alasdair * Shepherd Felix
    Jonah Malachy * Francis Arthur "Frank"

    Abraham * Andrew * Eugene * George * Jonathan * Nicholas "Cole" * Noel * Peter * Soren * Stephen

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    I would say you like classic... be it books, or paintings or anything. Your names are classic, timeless names that have history and charm to them.
    Top five: Aubree Navayah, Elleanora Ruth Allean, Arya Rose, Thea Lux, Freya Ann Kathleen
    Top five: Anthony Michael, Niklaus(KNEE-Klaus) Robert, Xavier Ryan, Abel James, Declan Matthew.
    New Combos: Dahlia Novelle, Adira Vivian, Beatrix Genevieve,Edith Arla,Rosalind Eden, Rosalie Sparrow,Annavieve Flora, Emerly Hudson, Violet Day,Anika Snow, Amaryllis Cecil. Walter Hawthorne Atlas, Leopold Gadriel,Leeland Raphael, Alaric Ever Jude,Cedric Varro.
    My blog:

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    Take this with a grain of salt of course

    The names in your signature are quite unique but not unheard of. I think you like to try new things, are playful, inventive and creative, while still keeping grounded in reality.
    Expecting our first baby girl May 30th, 2016!

    Esmeralda Gioia ~ Lorenza Justice
    Backup boy name: Everett Giordano

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