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Thread: Name sightings

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    I saw a Sincere Lee in the birth announcements today along with a Reel Love.

    I don't like people spreading urban myths, but I am staring at the announcements right now. It's real. Or... reel

    Also, saw two Gracynn's. I never knew that was a name.

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    At work. Two newborn boys named Hendrix and Akilius. Hendrix was a reference to Jimi, but Akilius was a play on Achilles since the source name isn't usable. I also had a boy named Agamemnon the other day. A girl named Junice whose older sister was named Blondelle.
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    I met an eleven week old Parker the other day :-)

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    All girls names:

    NyZiah (nigh-zee-ay)
    Yllen (prounced like Elaine)
    Dayonna (honestly, I have know idea how it's pronounced)
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    Quote Originally Posted by kween View Post
    Lucerne - very pretty. It's also the name of a city in Switzerland which is pronounced (at least in English) - Loo-sern.

    I met a little girl the other day called... LaStar... what does everyone think of that?

    Lucerne is a tiny town in California, has a heavy Swedish influence in it's buildings. It's nicknamed little Switzerland.

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