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Thread: Name sightings

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    My neighbors have three children Camille (4), Edison (Eddie) (3), and Daphne (1) they all have the middle name Simone because their mom has only sisters so she wanted a way to carry on her family name

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    At work I meet a 3 year old named Zsophia... Pronounced Sophia
    Zsophia is a Hungarian name. (Well, actually, it's Zsófia...) I don't find this one bizarre as long as the girl's parents didn't just tack a 'Z' onto Sophia to make it "yooneek."

    Here in the U.S., I've met a little girl named Seville and know quite a few Phoebes.
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    On American Idol a few weeks ago, they had twins Tealana (prn. Ta-layna) and Stevie-Elle. Interesting names, I thought. Still trying to figure out how they got that pronunciation out of "Tealana".
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    The other day I heard someone talking on the phone to an Alethea. I've been thinking about it a lot recently, and was very interesting to hear it in real life. Still not sure whether I really like it or not, but it's quite pretty.
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    I work at a gas station, so I meet some odd named people. A few months ago I saw a woman with a baby picture tattoo on her arm, and the babies name was Beyonce. Seriously, I thought only the singer Beyonce was named that.

    And I've met a Leander and a Thaddeus. <3
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