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Thread: Name sightings

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    Re: Name sightings

    A family member recently shared she's going to name her baby Trent Alexander, brother to Gavin Luke.

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    Re: Name sightings

    These are all macho high school football players.

    Fred (2)

    I should add that I now have totally new, much cooler images of all of these names. Funny how one person can totally change your view of a name.

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    Re: Name sightings

    I saw lots of lovely names on holiday in Scotland :-

    Annabel and Callum - both around 2 years old

    Ariana - UK pronunciation, Ah-ree-ah-nah, rather than Ah-ree-argh-nah. Around 5/6, I'd say

    Belle, Leicester and Zack - I loved this one! Leicester (as in the place) and Zack where around 13, and Belle was about 8 I think. Belle makes a change from all of the Bella's these days... unless it was a nickname, of course.

    Ezra, Jude and Reuben - GORGEOUS! Ezra and Jude are both fab. Reuben isn't my style, but certainly fitted in with his brothers names. Ezra and Reuben where twins of about 4/5, I think, whilst Jude was about 2/3.

    Iseabal (pn ish-bel) - In a lovely second hand bookshop, a black and white picture of two little girls (around 4) with a caption of two names, the only one I can remember is 'Iseabal Weatherperson'. Iseabal is definitely back on my list!
    Emmett - Cathal - Eoghan - Baez - Wilfred - Rufus - Hugh - Virgil
    Rosemary - Lettice - Maude - Cordelia - Billie - Fenella - Eilidh

    Names for dreamy, sublime little darlings. The smell of springtime air, freckled knees, damp hair. Soft evening light and fiery hearts.

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    Re: Name sightings

    LaStar... 2 thumbs down.

    At our pool, every female under the age of 3 is named one of 4 things: Evelyn, Ava, Maddie, or Elise.
    Mother of Gideon Bernard (4/30/09) and Sylvie Louise (9/26/11).

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    Re: Name sightings

    I met a baby girl today who goes by Zanna, short for Suzanna. Not sure how it's spelled exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was with a Z because of the cool nickname. Love it!
    I also overheard a mom scolding a Raiden/Rayden and wondered if the parents were just following the -ai/yden trend or if they reeeaalllyyy love Mortal Kombat.



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