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Thread: Name sightings

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    Re: Name sightings

    I didn't even know that Lily was played by more than one baby! Oh well, I guess you aren't supposed to notice anyway ( :

    Ella and Jaden are an interesting combo, but I think it works. It's not as bad as Beatrice and Cruz or anything :lol: .

    I heard of the combo Georgia, Daniel and Zara today, which is another interesting one, but adorable kids!
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    Re: Name sightings

    I recently met a baby named Allouette which I adore!
    And fb friend just named her daughter Aziza Monroe. And her mom had the nerve to laugh at my daughter Hermione's name!
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    Re: Name sightings

    Quote Originally Posted by nicole_1024
    I know two brothers named Bart and Brett. It drives me crazy. :lol:
    I know 3 brothers: Bart, Brent and Brett!

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    Re: Name sightings

    I'm in the U.S. and work at a clothing store. Today I heard twin girls around 2 years old, Vivienne and Caroline (pr with a long "i"), Benson - about 8 months, Sebastian - around 4 years old, Chloe - around 2 years old (the sweetest little girl ever), and a brother and sister, Mario (around 3) and Isobel (around 1). I thought most were nice and interesting, and I was excited, it was the first Sebastian I'd came across in real life.

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    Re: Name sightings

    A person I know, they have a four-year-old son named Paul. I thought that was so cute and refreshing!
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