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Thread: Name sightings

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    dramagirl19- that's my friend's little sister's name! It's so pretty.

    I have a lot of unique names that I really like, but I love the name Lila so much. I met a little Lila the other day and I just think it's so cute. There's a little girl I know named Grace, with a little sister named Gwyneth! I love their names. My cousins are Jillian and Allison. My friend's name is Alysha Marie (yes it's spelled like that) with two little siblings, Kaylee Rose and Romel Jaylen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by louie View Post
    Some of these kids have really cool names. But.. Abelone? Really? Poor child. Denmark is not ready for that yet(and will hopefully never be!)
    Well, Abelone is a very old name stemming from Abel and is also spelled Abbelone. But I agree, it's a little too old-fashioned. I like Dagmar, Holger and Thyra as much as the next girl, but when we get into the Abelone, Inger, Georg and Gertrud category, it gets a little too granny-like.
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    There was an adorable little boy named Callan at the park today. I also spotted a little Margie Grace yesterday. I hear Maggie Grace fairly often, but Margie? It was a refreshing change.
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    Teenagers I met in school today :

    Constantinos nn Costas
    Evanthea nn Eva ( pr. Eh - va)
    Ellis ( girl, she is foreigner )
    Panagiotis nn Panos
    Kiriaki nn Kiki ( Kiriaki means Sunday in Greek)

    All are from 16 - 17.

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    Ooh, Zelia, so many gooood ones! Bertil Halfd@n, I've got both of those names on my family tree. Eske??? Does that mean box in Danish? Baloo (haha!), Ivan, Julius!!!, Otto, Sigurd (nice), Snorre (double nice), Toke, Villads from the boys are wonderful. The girls; I'm head over heels in love with My-Marie, that's so cute! My's on my GP list, it's so cute. Alva brings back fond memories of Madicken, and I actually went to nursery with an Abelone! I aslo love Iris, Inez and Benedicta.

    I met brothers in the park named Orlando and Hector! I swoon!!!
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