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Thread: Name sightings

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    Nov 2012
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Accidentally took a look at the list of all of the students who attend my school and I found a lot of cool names that you don't come across very often here in Denmark: Absalon, Ada, Alexei, Anthony, Bjørk, Carl Johan, Catharina, Dion, Eike, Emmelie, Gallus, Gaston, Gavin, Kathleen, Laurits, Lejse, Magdalena (x2), Marina (x2), Rigmor, Ronja, Shelby, Tatiana and Zenia.

    While looking at the list I also did a quick calculation of the most popular names of my school:
    Frederik (24)
    Mikkel (21)
    Emma (17)
    Rasmus (17)
    Andreas (15)
    Cecilie (15)
    Emilie (15)
    Maria (15)
    Nanna (15)
    Daniel (14)
    Ida (13)
    Julie (13)
    Amalie (12)
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    Northern Virginia/DC metro area
    A few days ago in Santa Cruz I was heaving a sigh after overhearing a sibset of Brooklyn and Addison when a toddler came running by, closely followed by her mother who was yelling "Olive! Olive, come back!" That definitely made me smile.
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    One of my friends on Facebook gave birth to a girl named Arianna.
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    Jul 2013
    Names of the kids I nanny:
    (sibset) No1a and A1ta
    (sibset) Zane, Ho1den, E11ie and Max.
    (sibset) Maxwe11, Thomas and Ruby.
    (sibset) Brennan, Conor, Madeline, Griffin

    Names of the kids Maxwe11 and Thomas were playing with the other day at the park:
    (sibset) Li1ith, Emery and Finn.
    (sibset) Morgan (m) and Brady (m).
    Daria, Luke, Hannah, Miri (I think she was a Miranda because they also called her Panda!)
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    Yesterday I meet the most adorable two yrs old named Sophia . Also an Agamemnon & an Ajax !! Such a good day lol .

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