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Thread: Name sightings

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    I've recently met a real-life girl named Abcde. I heard of this name before, but I really didn't think I'd ever meet one.

    I also met a boy named Jxxr (pronounced Jix-er). :/

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    A little boy named Kerry
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    Sat next to a young Anastasia today. I've always thought of that name as somewhat of a mouthful and out of pure curiousness and interest as to what you pair a name like that with, I had hoped to hear the name of her brother, but I didn't manage to get ahold of it.
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    Names I've heard recently:
    Grayson - Maybe 3 years old, blonde.
    Broden - Yuck. a new baby. This name is so ugly imo.
    Imogen - A young girl with curly brown hair. Maybe 6 or 7?
    Django - A blonde boy about 6 who was very outgoing.
    Holden - Probably early 20's, good looking with brown hair.
    Ariane - newborn, sister to Grayson.
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