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Thread: Name sightings

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    Met a lovely little boy at the supermarket and his mother was calling him Penn! Not sure if it was a nickname but thats what she was saying! I love then name Penn but hubby doesnt There was also a Harlow at the bus stop which isn't that surprising anymore, I guess.
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    I found a Skylr today. Skylr, without an 'a' or an 'e' or any letter between the L and the R. I've seen names like that online and in birth annoncements, but never in real life.

    I also found a Milvia and a Maeisha on a school roster.
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    I ran into an Octavia at the dentists the other day. Sadly she hated her name and went by her relatively boring middle name of Katherine.
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    My dad is a teacher in our Elementary school and I was walking through it with him today, we saw some AWESOME name son the cubbies/lockers, there was a North and an Adelyn, as well as a few others that I can't remember

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    Siblings:, Elijah, Eli.ana (Ellie), and Em.erson (boy). Mom says all e's was Dad's idea. She also says for the first 3 she really tried to pick unusual names and then realized later they weren't unusual. So for baby #4 she just picked something she liked.

    Seen on Pinterest: an adorable baby girl called Aimee-Louise.

    I was also looking at baby name nursery art on etsy to see what kind of names were used in the samples. I saw:

    Harper - tons
    Lucy - lots

    Jack - a few
    Mrs. H.
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