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Thread: Name sightings

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    Saw an infant at the softball fields with a pink and white blanket that had Leyton stitched on it, so I'm assuming it's a girl.

    My neighbor's sister just gave birth to Cason Parker last night.

    At a preschool, there's a boy named Nils, a girl named Warren and a girl called Lilyana.
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    A teacher friend of mine had a student named La--a. Pronounced La-dash-a, because there is a dash in the middle of it. Yup.
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    Went to the park today to take Arlo out into the snow (not that there was much of it) and a woman was there with two boys (I think they were twins), who she referred to as Gabe & Finn! Great twin set imo.

    My sister is expecting (due next week) and she's using the name Astoria for a girl which I have seen online but I've never seen it used. She doesn't know the gender but I secretly hope its a girl so she uses the name, it's so beautiful!
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    A girl named Zeus Arianrhod was born in the hospital I work at today. :s
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    lol so true. Nice names, nonetheless
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