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    Arbour Town: The Maple Cul-De-Sac

    So, this is a new series of games I'm doing. Since make so many CAF'S, I thought it would be fun to blend them into one big game. This is the fictional Arbour Town (any resemblance to an actual town name is coincidental). The town is divided into little Cul-De-Sacs, each named after a tree. We'll start with the Maple Cul-De-Sac.
    Feel free to add bios, descriptions, ages and pictures, if you want. Have fun!

    Arbour Town: The Maple Cul-De-Sac

    Family One
    Last Name: Ashton, Bailey, Kelson, Winston, Sutton
    DW: Aurora, Alice, Claire, Elsa, Juliet
    DH: Xander, Timothy, Owen, Norman, Nicholas
    DD1: Skye, Margot, Josephine, Nova, Sadie
    DD2: Ryan, Willow, Baylee, Rose, Harmony
    DS1: Eli, Asher, Paul, Hero, Malachi
    DD3: Majesty, Samantha, Aubree, Michelle, Jane

    Family Two
    Last Name: King, Striker Walker, Emerson, Anderson
    DW: Clara, Amelia, Diamond, Maple, Eden
    DH: Elias, Samuel, Apollo, Dexter, Micah
    DD1:Essence, Swan, Ruby, Blossom, Callie

    Family Three
    Last Name: Duke, Cranford, Kirkley, Palmer, Atwood
    DH: Chance, William, Calvino, Blaze, Jude
    DW: Peace, Phoebe, Mae, Stella, Amandalynn
    DD1: Avalyn, Frances, Evangeline, Rose, Scarlet
    DS1: Killian, Memphis, Bow, Crew, Diesel

    Family Four
    Last Name: Carter, Crane, Finley, Russell, Bentley
    DW: Daphne, Eva, Charlotte, Mia, Dorothy
    DW: Polly, Vera, Jaxie, Sunshine, Cambria

    Family Five
    Last Name: Kincade, Hudson, Limberly, Ellis, Freeman
    DW: Anastasia, Adele, Lorelai, Alana, Star
    DH: Felix, Genesis, Kendrix, Cayden, Chester
    DD1: Victoria, Audrey, Elodie, Violet, Francesca
    DS1: Drake, Lemuel, Landon, Otto, Wyatt
    DD2: Belle, Misty, August, Merida, Raider

    Family Six
    Last Name: Ryland, Quinley, Whitney, Presley, Grant
    DW: Cheyenne, Snow, Brooklynn, Eveline, Ramona
    DH: Amos, Ezekial, Luca, Ace, Jasper
    DD1: Gwendolyn, Soralynn, Heavenly, Sayge, Skylar
    DS1: Leonidas, Valor, Ky, Maxton, Solomon

    Family Seven
    Last Name: Lawson, Reed, Rose, Crosby, Chrisley
    DH: Theodore, Evan, Brayden, Giles, Warren
    DW: Jo, Athena, Elaina, Iris, Alma
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    Arbour Town: The Maple Cul-De-Sac

    Family One
    Last Name: Winston
    DW: Elsa Juliet Winston
    DH: Xander Nicholas Winston
    DD1: Margot Sadie Winston
    DD2: Rose Harmony Winston
    DS1: Eli Asher Winston
    DD3: Aubree Jane Winston

    Family Two
    Last Name: King
    DW: Clara Maple King
    DH: Samuel Elias King
    DD1: Blossom Ruby King

    Family Three
    Last Name: Cranford
    DH: Jude William Cranford
    DW: Phoebe Mae Cranford
    DD1: Evangeline Rose Cranford
    DS1: Killian Crew Cranford

    Family Four
    Last Name: Carter
    DW: Mia Charlotte Carter
    DW: Polly Cambria Carter

    Family Five
    Last Name: Ellis
    DW: Anastasia Lorelai Ellis
    DH: Felix Chester Ellis
    DD1: Elodie Violet Ellis
    DS1: Landon Wyatt Ellis
    DD2: Belle August Ellis

    Family Six
    Last Name: Presley
    DW: Ramona Snow Presley
    DH: Luca Jasper Presley
    DD1: Sayge Gwendolyn Presley
    DS1: Maxton Solomon Presley

    Family Seven
    Last Name: Crosby
    DH: Evan Theodore Crosby
    DW: Athena Iris Crosby
    Girls: Autumn | Delilah | Elodie | Greta | Hazel | India | Jessamy | Magdalena | Nora | Ramona | Sabine

    Boys: Bellamy | Bruno | Caspar | Jude | Kennedy | Kitt | Ludo | Samuel | Stellan | William | Xavier

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    Arbour Town: The Maple Cul-De-Sac

    Family One
    Last Name: Sutton
    DW: Juliet Aurora (Jett)
    DH: Nicholas Timothy
    DD1: Margot Josephine
    DD2: Willow Rose (Willa)
    DS1: Asher Malachi
    DD3: Jane Samantha

    Family Two
    Last Name: Walker
    DW: Clara Eden
    DH: Samuel Elias (Sam)
    DD1: Ruby Swan

    Family Three
    Last Name: Duke
    DH: Jude William
    DW: Stella Mae
    DD1: Evangeline Frances
    DS1: Killian Crew

    Family Four
    Last Name: Finley
    DW: Eva Charlotte
    DW: Vera Cambria

    Family Five
    Last Name: Freeman
    DW: Lorelai Adele
    DH: Felix Chester
    DD1: Elodie Violet
    DS1: Otto Wyatt
    DD2: Merida Belle

    Family Six
    Last Name: Quinley
    DW: Ramona Snow
    DH: Jasper Amos
    DD1: Gwendolyn Skylar (Gwen)
    DS1: Solomon Valor (Solo)

    Family Seven
    Last Name: Rose
    DH: Theodore Warren (Teddy)
    DW: Iris Athena

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    Arbour Town: The Maple Cul-De-Sac

    One Maple Lane
    Aurora Claire Ashton (30) and Owen Timothy Ashton (35)
    Skye Nova Josephine Ashton (12)
    Ryan Rose Ashton (7)
    Eli Hero Ashton (4)
    Samantha Jane Ashton (1)

    Family One: Rora and Owen: Skye, Ryan, Eli and Sam

    Two Maple Lane
    Eden Amelia King (27) and Micah Samuel Emerson (30)
    Ruby Swan Emerson (1)

    Family Two: Eden and Mike: Ruby

    Three Maple Lane
    William Chance Palmer (38) and Stella Phoebe Palmer (35):
    Evangeline Rose Palmer (4)
    Killian Bow Palmer (4)

    Family Three: Chance and Stella: Evie & Killi

    Four Maple Lane
    Eva Charlotte Finley (28) and Jaxie Cambria Carter (30)

    Family Four: Eva and Jaxie

    Five Maple Lane
    Lorelai Adele Hudson (35) and Genesis Kendrix Ellis (31):
    Violet Elodie Hudson-Ellis (3)
    Wyatt Drake Hudson-Ellis (2)
    August Raider Hudson-Ellis (newborn)

    Family Five: Lori and Gen: Vi, Wyatt and Gus

    Six Maple Lane
    Ramona Snow Ryland (48) and Luca Ezekial Ryland (50):
    Gwendolyn Skylar Ryland (17)
    Maxton Leonidas Ryland (13)

    Family Six: Ramona and Luca: Gwen and Max

    Seven Maple Lane
    Warren Evan Reed (67) and Iris Athena Reed (60)

    Family Seven: Warren and Iris
    Alexander, Henry, John, Lochlan, Robert, Thackeray,William
    Anne, Evangeline, Freya, Juno, Lilly, Marina, Viola

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