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    Dice-Rolling CAF AND 20 Years! Part 1

    Do you ever just wish the name games wouldn't end? I know I sure do! I’m absolutely in love with dice-rolling, so I thought it would be fun to combine the dice-rolling create-a-family with a 20-years dice-rolling game, along with a few questions of what YOU like! This game will be in a few parts; the first part is below.

    You will need a D-12 die; one can be found here:

    Your First Name:
    Your Middle Name:
    Your Maiden Name: (Choose out of the top 100)

    Where You Grew Up (You can choose a suburb of these cities, if you like)
    1. Raleigh, North Carolina
    2. Miami, Florida
    3. Boulder, Colorado
    4. Memphis, Tennessee
    5. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    6. Phoenix, Arizona
    7. Dallas, Texas
    8. New York City, New York
    9. Seattle, Washington
    10. Washington D.C.
    11. Kansas City, Kansas
    12. Boston, Massachusetts

    Who Raised You?
    1. Mom and Dad; first & middle names from
    2. Single Mom; first & middle names from
    3. Single Dad; first & middle names from
    4. Two Moms; first & middle names from
    5. Two Dads; first & middle names from
    6. Aunt and Uncle; first & middle names from
    7. Single Aunt; first & middle names from
    8. Single Uncle; first & middle names from
    9. Two Aunts or Two Uncles; first & middle names from
    10. Grandparents; first & middle names from
    11. Cousins; first & middle names from
    12. Adoptive Parents; first & middle names from

    How Many Siblings Do You Have? (Roll the die; You choose genders and ages; Roll for each name)
    6. Choose from the “Names Searched Right Now” bar
    12. Your Choice

    How Old Were You When You Met Your Husband?
    1. 18
    2. 19
    3. 20
    4. 21
    5. 22
    6. 23
    7. 24
    8. 25
    9. 26
    10. 27
    11. 28
    12. 29

    What Is Your Career? (Roll for the field; you choose the career)
    1. Health
    2. Sales
    3. Hospitality
    4. Military
    5. Management
    6. Technology
    7. Science
    8. Law Enforcement
    9. Psychology
    10. Media
    11. Art/Design
    12. Farming/Fishing

    Your Husband’s First Name:
    Your Husband’s Middle Name:
    Your Husband’s Last Name: (Choose out of the top 250)

    Use the previous dice rolling sections to answer these questions (use the same namebanks, too).
    Where Did Your Husband Grow Up?
    Who Raised Your Husband?
    How Many Siblings Does Your Husband Have? (Roll for #; You choose genders and ages; Use name lists from Your siblings)
    How Old Was Your Husband When You Met?
    What Is Your Husband’s Career? (Roll for the field; you choose the career)

    How Did You and Your Husband Meet?
    1. At a Sporting Event
    2. At a Party
    3. In College
    4. Over the Internet/Dating Website
    5. At a Convention
    6. On Vacation
    7. Through Work
    8. In a Bar/Coffee Shop/Restaurant
    9. Through a Mutual Friend
    10. At a Wedding
    11. On a Blind Date
    12. At a Concert/Festival

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    My Name: Amelia Sloane Harper [age 28]
    Career: Graphic designer
    Raised in Bolder, Colorado
    Dad: Clinton Rego Harper
    Daddy: Tremont Bronx Harper

    2 siblings:
    brother- Dylan August, 22
    brother- Miles Calder, 16

    DH: Tristian Alastair Wade [age 31]
    Career: Marine biologist
    Raleigh NC
    1 dad: Victor Calvin Wade

    5 siblings:
    sister- Scarlett Noelle, 27
    sister- Lillian Danielle,25
    brother- Levi Marlow, 20
    sister- Tatiana Amelie, 18
    brother- Rhett Williston, 12

    Age when met hubby: 26
    How we met?
    In a cafe
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    Eloise Arden Bryant
    Grew up in Seattle, Washington
    Career: Major in the Air Force as an Anesthesiologist
    Raised by 2 dads: Hudson Richmond & Bronx Kensington Bryant
    (19) Konrad Hunter Bryant
    (15) Bayu Rain Bryant
    (14) Juneau Helena Bryant
    (10) Boehr Robert Bryant
    (9) Lathan Spencer Bryant
    (6) Hugo William Bryant
    (6) Millie Evangeline Bryant
    (3) Nixie Valentine Bryant
    (1) Leilani Manon Bryant
    (nb) Brooks Ralph Bryant

    Met my husband when I was 19

    Rhett Nathan Cooper
    Grew up in Miami, Florida
    He was 24 when we met
    He is an organic farmer
    We met on a blind date
    Raised by his uncle Simon Jacob Cooper
    His siblings:
    Oakley Yule Cooper
    Margaret Caroline CooperMeg
    River Pearl Cooper

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    Beatrix Juliana Long
    Grew up in New York, New York
    Raised by single uncle named Jude Nathaniel Long
    1 younger sister named Anais Sisley Long
    You were 18 when you met your husband
    Agricultural engineer

    Santiago Isaac Rivera
    Grew up in Dallas, Texas
    Raised by two moms named Celestia Io Rivera and Selena Atria Rivera
    2 siblings, brother named Juneau Jackson Rivera and girl named Columbia Atlanta Rivera
    He was 19 when he met you
    Marketing Assistant

    You and your husband met at a party.
    "My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations."
    - John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

    Clara Rose Evelyn Amelia Mary Jane Elizabeth

    Clement Archie Ambrose Joseph

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    DW: Charlotte Ellie Russell (neé Baker) - age 26
    Grew up in Phoenix, Arizona
    Raised by grandparents: George Levi (71) and Amelia Grace (70)
    Three siblings: Autumn Alizeh (24), Hunter Alexander & Wilder Matteo (19)
    Met husband at age of 22
    Works in media (journalist)

    DH: Sebastian Miles Russell - age 31
    Grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Raised by two moms: Nova Bellatrix (58) and Ariel Starr (62)
    Eleven siblings: Ivy Adair (37), Austin Denver (34), Summer Varsha (33), Maggie Haven (31), Teo Domino (28), Winter Makani (27), Laila Simone (26), Lysander Hopper (24), Juliette Sisley (23), Amelia Ivy (23), Lincoln Raleigh (21)
    Met wife at age of 25
    Works in science (scientific investigator)

    DH and DW met at a wedding.

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