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    DH: Richard Vernon Bell (73)
    DW: Sophie Dillon Bell (71)

    DD1: Katherine Sofia Stephens
    DH: James Manuel Stephens
    ---DD1: Tiffany Coraline Stephens
    ---DS1: James Trevor Stephens
    ---DD2: Joselyn Sofia Stephens

    DS1: Ross Vernon Bell
    DW: Ramira Colleen Bell
    ---DD1: Amethyst Glenn Bell
    ---DS1/DD2: Meyer Royce Bell and Luna Chasity Bell

    DD2: Alison Destiny Fields
    DH: Frank Duncan Fields
    ---DD1: Candy Andrea Fields
    ---DS1: Augustus Devon Fields
    ---DD2: Hayden Flora Fields

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    DH: Reid Vincent
    DW: Sophia Danielle

    DD1: Kalila Sophie 'Kala'
    DS1: Reid Vincent
    DD2: Alva Danielle

    DD1: Kala
    DH: James Matthew 'Jimmy'
    ---DD1: Thora Caileigh 'Toy'
    ---DS1: James Tyler 'Jamie'
    ---DD2: Jayda Sophia 'JJ'

    DS1: Reid
    DW: Rachel Charlotte
    ---DD: Adelynn Gracen 'Addie'
    ---DS/DD: Max Reid / Lux Cristian

    DD2: Alva
    DH: Francisco Damien 'Frankie'
    ---DD1: Cora Alba 'Corey'
    ---DS1: Alec Damien
    ---DD2: Hope Francesca

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    Richard Vincent and Sarah Dawn

    Karen Sophia
    Richard Vincent II
    Alexis Danielle

    Karen <3 James Matthew

    Tessa Christine
    Jason Thomas
    Jillian Sophia

    Richard <3 Rhiannon Colleen

    Anna Grace
    Michael Richard and Lauren Christiana

    Alexis <3 Felix Daniel

    Cailey Anne
    Alexander Daniel
    Holly Faith

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