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Thread: Calia Joy

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    Aug 2010

    Calia Joy

    What do you think of this name for my daughter? First impressions?

    We will pronounce it Cah-LEE-ah ( say it like Maria), would you have said it right?

    Does Tyler Matthew (18 mo) and Calia Joy sound good as a sibset?

    Do you think Calia fits into the "crazy made-up name" catagory, or pretty and different?

    How would you describe the name/ what kind of person do you think of?

    Thank you

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    Re: Calia Joy

    It sounds made-up. I'm not a fan. I would have pronounced it CAH-lia at first, but ca-LEE-a is pretty intuitive. Why not Calista, Calanthe, Chloe, Caelina, Kalina, Talia, or Malia? Those are all real names.
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    Re: Calia Joy

    I would say CA-leah. I'm not loving it, personally. LIked the pp's sugestion of Calista. Calista Joy would be beyond beautiful.

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    Re: Calia Joy

    It sounds pretty made up to me, and at first I pronounced it CALI-uh. What about Calla? Calista? Calista Joy sounds beautiful! You could nn her Callie.

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    Re: Calia Joy

    I was trying to pronounce it like Callalily and then it sorta ended abruptly cuz no 'y' but an 'a'. Then Ca-leah. It might get a bit butchered.

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