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    What's with Nora?

    I met 3 little girls in the past 2 weeks with the name Nora! I didn't realize that it was this popular, maybe it's a coincidence???

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    Re: What's with Nora?

    Hmm maybe, I've only met one and she's probably about 5 now! Can't say I personally know any others but maybe it is on the increase again? I like it
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    Re: What's with Nora?

    I think since the rise of Dora the Explorer, the -ora names are a little more popular. (I actually named my own daughter Cora ).

    I have a bad association with Nora, so I wouldn't use it, but I can see the appeal.

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    Re: What's with Nora?

    There's also the rise of singer-songwriter Norah Jones, she released her debut album 8 years ago. Beautiful voice, great music.
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    Re: What's with Nora?

    I know a few hipsters that named their daughters Nora because of Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist.

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