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Thread: 2 middle names?

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    2 middle names?

    Are there any disadvantages of having 2 middle names? I know its just middles names but is there any complications with documents?
    And do you think its too trendy?

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    Re: 2 middle names?

    I honestly don't think or know of any disadvantages of two middle names. I think it isn't trendy at all and gives you a chance to use more than one name you love and more room to honor someone.
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    Re: 2 middle names?

    I think the two middle name trend is very popular on nameberry (name nerds want to use as many of their favorites as possible), but I don't think it's as popular with the masses, and it's been in use for long enough that it wouldn't be considered "trendy." I think the only real complication is that both middles will generally not fit on documents, and nearly every document has space for only one middle initial. The people I know with two middle names just use their first initial, though, so I don't think it really matters. Plus you may end up running out of names if you have more kids than you thought you would. But these are just minor inconveniences- not enough to stop me if I liked the trend.
    Personally, I don't care for middle names because they sound strange to me when said aloud- like lists rather than an individual person's name. But that's just my taste.

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    I have 2 middle names. I LOVE having two middle names, and fully intend to give my children two middle names, however my soon-to-be husband hates the idea. Growing up, I felt kinda special, I'm the only person I know with two middle names. But to pull off 2 middle names it has to sound right, it has to have a the right flow and rhythm. I think If I only had 1 middle name it would sound weird and choppy and just wrong. Sometimes you need two middle long as it works. I haven't really had much issues with forms or anything. When there is a box for initials I put them both. My credit card is missing the last letter of my last name, but It has never caused any issues. (besides when I get married, my new last name will be one letter shorter, a perfect fit! LOL) Now I just have to win the fight for two middle names with the fiancé.

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    The only problem I can see is it fitting on documents. My cousin has two mn and his SS card has only half of his second mn because of space.
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