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    Re: Baby girl name Hatley

    I think if you really love it, then you should go for it. It's uncommon but not weird. Good luck!

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    Re: Baby girl name Hatley

    Hatley and Hadley sound very similar, so may cause confusion with Hadleys in her class or within her circle of acquaintances. When people first hear "Hatley," they will probably assume it is Hadley, unless the distinction is pointed out. At least, when seen in writing, it is easy to pronounce.
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    Re: Baby girl name Hatley

    2 other thoughts:

    I am not typically for altering the spelling of names but perhaps you could spell it Hattley to help with the emphasis on Hate

    Do you like Hattie?

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    Re: Baby girl name Hatley

    Was this by any chance a hat shop? Ha - kidding. Sort of. I'm going to say no to Hatley, simply because the whole "hat" thing bothers me a bit. Maybe it would work as a middle name, though, as in Caroline Hatley. Or, maybe you could use Hattie, as in Harriet's nickname? Or, what about Halsey? It's a not-too-popular unisex, surname substitute that sounds more like a name to me. Plus, I know one, so I know for a fact it can work.

    Lemon :-)
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    Re: Baby girl name Hatley

    My response to this will surprise no one. =) I assume, especially since you were in Hilton Head, that this name was a mother's maiden name or other family name. I would personally only use it in that capacity.

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