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    Nameberry's Top 5 Popularity Predictions

    Where do you think Nameberry's top 5 girl and boy names will end up on the popularity charts in the future? Also, do you understand the appeal?

    Imogen-I think this one will make it into the top 50, but I think it will be one many people can't believe made it that far. It has a nice ring to it, but I think it sounds like a camera company.

    Khaleesi-I know a lot of people don't like Khaleesi, manly because the character is named Daenerys, but I love it! I think it might crack the top 100 in the next few years, and fall hard after.

    Isla-I see a lot of new babies being named Isla. I think it will be very common in 15 years. However, I don't like it at all. I think of eyeballs and islands.

    Charlotte-It's already so popular right now, but I think it will continue to rise. I bet it's number 1 in 3 to 5 years. I like it, but I don't think there is anything interesting or note worthy about it.

    Cora-I think Cora will peak at about 70 in the next 10 years and then decile. I like it, well at least I do when I can get the Korra character out of my head.

    Asher-I think this will hit number one in 5 to 10 years. Everyone I know who's into names loves it. I don't understand at all. I've never like Ash- names.

    Declan-I know a lot of little boys being named Declan. I think it will be number one in 2 or 3 years. I also love it! I think it's strong and sweet at the same time.

    Atticus-I don't think it will ever get into the top 20, but it might come close. I think a lot of people will be like me and not use it because of To Kill a Mocking Bird.

    Silas-I think it will make it into the top 50, but never be one of those names enough people will love. I think it sounds creepy. Like a snake whispering the word silence.

    Henry-I think it will be in the top ten next year or the year after. I don't know if it will hit one though. I get why people like it. Classic, strong, works on every age, honors grandparents, and doesn't seem to be overused. But, I don't like.
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    I see many people choosing for the more old fashioned European names for girls.


    And for boy's you get the names ending on -son or -an on name berry.
    Jackson / Jaxson


    Im waiting too see how many Briar Roses there will be born next year and people will go back into history and fairy tale books too find similar names. A trend for girls is gonna be a old fashioned named with a nature middle name like:


    For boy's I see very often middle names that has the old greek feeling:


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