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    Favorite boy and girl name for every letter

    A-Antanasia, Amadeus
    B- Belinda, Benjamin
    C- Cammeo, Carston
    D- Diella, Damian
    E- Evangeline, Eleazar
    F- Fallon, Farren
    G- Gwendolyn, Gratian
    H- Honor, Hart
    I-Ireland, Ivor
    J- Jacqueline, Jasper
    K- Kensington, Kelvin
    L- Louel, Leonid
    M- Marion, Mercer
    N- Noel, Noam
    O- Ovidia, Orit
    P- Penelope, Padraig
    Q-Quintessa, Quincy
    R- Rose, Rhett
    S- Sia, Shade
    T- Tigerlilly, Tristram
    U-Una, Uriah
    V- Vivi, Vincent
    W- Wisteria, Willard
    X- Xanthe, Xerxes
    Y- Yvaine, Yale
    Z- Zosia, Zephyr

    Those are mine, what are yours?
    Writer of The Mod Podge Bookshelf, author of some books, lover of sticky notes and names!

    Current favorite girls: Beatrix, Elizabeth, Gwendolyn, Helena, Isobel, Jemima, Margo, Rose, Tigerlily & Zora

    Current favorite boys: Callum, Damian, Gideon, Henry, Jonah, Laughlin, Leo & Oscar

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    Aodhan, Alba
    Balthazar, Beata
    Cormac, Chrysanth
    Donovan, Duna
    Emrys, Everild
    Faelan, Freja
    Griffin, Gwyneth
    Hawthorn, Hera
    Inigo, Iris
    Jari, Junia
    Kai, Katherine
    Loki, Liadan
    Myrddin, Maeve
    Ninian, Nuala
    Orion, Orianna
    Padraig, Pagan
    Quinton, Quinn
    Rune, Runa
    Somerled, Signe
    Torin, Tamsin
    Uther, Ulyssa
    Valo, Vesper
    Wilde, Winter
    Xander, Xan
    Yorik, Yvaine
    Zen, Zenith

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    Cair Paravel :)
    twenty-something namenerd & aspiring novelist

    Isabelle Aurora Grace + Caleb Elias Joseph + Arianne Eleanor Daisy + Everett Joshua Charles + Olivia Wren Camille
    Grant Frédéric Conrad + Violet Emilia Mary + Casper Nathaniel Eden + Grace Odilia Lily + Samuel Gaspard John

    I've recently started a new story--feel free to come along with me for the journey!
    Chapter 1 is up! And an author's note! (Alas, don't get too excited.)

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