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    Re: Favorite boy and girl name for every letter

    mama to William David, Bennett Michael, Samuel Slater and Eliza Grace

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    Re: Favorite boy and girl name for every letter

    A Alexis and Atreyu
    B Bellamy and Beau
    C Clarisse and Charlie
    D Danika and Dylan
    E Elanora and Ely
    F Felicity and Fargo
    G Grace and Grayson
    H Harlow and Haddon
    I Imogen and Isaiah
    J Jessa and Josiah
    K Kathleen and Kale
    L Layla and Lachlan
    M Malia and Micah
    N Nala and Nate
    O Olivia and Oliver
    P Piper and Peter
    Q Quinn and Quinton
    R Roseanne and Ryan
    S Saoirse and Sean
    T Tara and Tobias
    U Ursula and Ulrich
    V Vada and Val
    W Winter and Wyatt
    X Xena and Xenophilius
    Y Yasmin and Yusuf
    Z Zara and Zachariah

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    Re: Favorite boy and girl name for every letter

    A - Araminta, Aaron (my grandfather)
    B - Beatrix, Beau
    C - Caroline, Charles
    D - Deirdre (but I'd never use it because my father would mispronounce it and drive me nuts), David
    E - Elizabeth (my dd's mn), Etienne
    F - Freya, Finn
    G - Gabrielle, Gerhard
    H - Helene, Henry
    I - Isabeau, Inigo
    J - Jessamine, James
    K - Katherine, Kieran
    L - Lillianna (or whatever the most standardized spelling of it is), Lars
    M - Madeleine, Marcel
    N - Nerissa, Nelson
    O - Olivia, Oliver (I dated a very charming Oliver for awhile)
    P - Portia, Peregrine
    Q - Quinn for either
    R - Rosalind, Remy
    S - Stephanie, Stanley
    T - Tessa, Thomas
    U - Una, Ulysses
    V - Violetta, Van
    W - Wendy, Walter
    X - Xanthe, Xerxes
    Y - Yolande, Yves
    Z - Zandra, can't think of a boy's name
    mom to Stephanie Elizabeth & a lifelong name nerd

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