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Thread: There Here :)

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    There Here :)

    My Husband and I just welcomed our set of twins on July 4th 2010! They were a little early but perfect and healthy. They are Dashiell Reese 3lbs 5oz and Layla Rose 3lbs 1oz. They joined their very happy big brother Finley James. Thanks to all who voted in our poll and helped us name our sweet new additions :)

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    Re: There Here :)

    Wonderful news, so pleased, they have lovely names, and we are happy we helped you.

    All the best to you, DH, Finley and family, rollo
    Psalm 23

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    Re: There Here :)

    Congratulations and welcome to Dashiell and Layla!

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    Re: There Here :)

    Wonderful news! And wonderful names! Good luck to you and your happy family.

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