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    My car's named Agnes, my GPS is named Matilda (even though it has a man voice), and my computer is named Lois

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    My black Chevy HHR is Wilhelmina. I've loved that name since I read Dracula as a kid. I refer to her as Mean Mina. My previous car was a Dodge Intrepid that my dad bought from a dealership that had Fletcher in the name. My dad forever after called that car Fletcher.
    ~Cathryn Elizabeth~

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love this thread!

    My car is Elodie Claire "Liddy". Inspired, of course, by Pride and Prejudice (which I am completely obsessed about).

    My computer is named Claudie (meaning "lame"). Sarah (princess) and Eva (life) didn't seem to be self-fulfilling prophecies, so I figured if I tried "lame" maybe she'd stick around for a while.

    And my phone is Imogen. Just because. She just looked like an Imogen to me, haha.
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    My car's name is Jenelle It orginated from making fun of a character off Teen Mom 2, hahaha!

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    My car is Beatrix. love her!
    Mom to Tess, Kaia, Jasper and dogs Brody, Max and Felix

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