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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    My SIL' car was named Nelly and out mobilhome (is that english?) is named Louis (lewis), with a dog called Missy and two bunny's Binkie and Doedels i havent named anything yet :p

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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    I name everything.

    My car is named Leopold, nn Leo. I was originally going to call him Leon because I drive a champagne-colored Buick Century, and since that is generally an old man car, I thought Leon would fit nicely. However, my grandfather knew someone named Leon and hated him, but I had to find another name that gave me the nn Leo since I was already attached to it. I decided that my car was not an old man, but rather an elegant, established gentleman. So, I renamed him LEOPOLD.

    My first computer was named Freddie after Freddie Mercury of Queen (I was going through a Queen phase my first year of college). Perhaps ironically, Freddie the laptop died of a virus.... I loved the name Freddie so much I named my new laptop Freddie, Jr., who goes by Freddie, Freddie Jay, or FJ.

    Finally, despite the fact that I am almost 21 years old, I have a growing collection of stuffed animals I sleep with at night. It started with a bear my Mom gave me when I went off to college to help the homesickness. My bear was strong yet kind, wise, and brave. I named him BROM after the mentor/father figure in the Eragon series.

    I also have Jacob nn Jakey and Jolie the penguins, Spot the puppy, Howidays (TY baby, didn't name him myself, but its still cute because he is a Christmas dog!), and Milo the baby moose.

    Leo, Freddie, Brom, Jakey, Jolie, Spot, Howidays, and Milo!
    Currently crushing on:

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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    I am so glad someone posted this topic!

    Everyone in my family names their cars, lol.
    My cars have been:
    Rhonda the Honda - an old beat up 87 Honda Accord, my first car
    The Green Goblin - an ugly green Accord (after a villain in my favorite movie, Spiderman!)
    Celeste - a black Saturn (get it, Saturn, planet, celestial being?)
    Suzy - my new car a Suzuki SX4 (I also call her the Truckster because she is such a little tank!)

    My dad and mom used to have a silver SUV and a silver car, respectively and they were the Silver Bullet and the Silver BB! My mom still has the Silver BB but my dad now has a little black hatchback he named Pepe. My sister has a white Honda named
    Hannah and my husband has a white Subaru Impreza that he painted the wheels black and it's name is Oreo.

    Oh, and my cellphone's name is Rachel (black)berry, because I am such a Glee fan!

    First time mommy to be! Our little princess will be arriving 2.27.12!

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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    My ipod is named, Steve. Someone asked me what my ipod's name was once, and I said the first thing that came to mind - Steve (after the movie, Multiplicity where I recently quoted "she touched my peppy Steve".) Sad, but true. Turns out that person wanted to know what model the ipod was...Steve just stuck. :)

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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    I've never heard of naming phones, ipods, computers, etc!

    I've always named my cars, though. Harriette was my 1977 Monte Carlo because she was an old lady.

    Then came my green 94 Saturn named Alice.

    Then I started going with colors. My next car was Lily (because it was lily white!) And my current Toyota is called Blueberry.

    Oh, and I used to have some cacti named Fred and George. Sadly, they passed away.

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