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    Nicknames for Sebastian?

    I love the name Sebastian but I need nn options! I don't like Seb or Bass or Bastian. I don't mind it if its a bit of a stretch. I was thinking Bas, like the bas part of basil... but not crazy about that either. Ideas??!

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    Re: Nicknames for Sebastian?

    Sebastian really doesnt have any good nns to be honest with you. If you love the name then I say use it. Sebastian is a handsome and stunning name that doesnt need to be ruined by any nn imo. If you are worried about your son not having a nn, I say dont fret. Nick names will come that will likely have nothing to do with your son fn but will have personal meaning to you.
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    Re: Nicknames for Sebastian?

    I agree with leah_9. If you want a nickname maybe his middle name has a nickname and he can go by his middle name nn.
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    Re: Nicknames for Sebastian?

    I also agree with leah_9 that you shouldn't worry about a nickname. I love the name myself and don't have any nicknames I like either. If the name seems a bit long to you, in the middle spot either use a shorter name or one that lends easily to a nickname.

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    Re: Nicknames for Sebastian?

    Sebastian doesn't offer many good nicknames, aside from Bastien (I pronounce it Bas-T-en).

    Ashton or Ian would be nice but I feel like they take away from the feel of Sebastian. Your fall back will probably be Seb, honestly. Everyone gets called by the first few letters of their name.

    Since I also pronounce Basil as Bah-zil/Bahs-il, I think Bas is cute. 'Bayz' isn't too much of a stretch.

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