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    Generation CAF - Initials

    LN: F

    DH (82): TE
    DW (80): LP

    DS (59): GP
    DD (56): AL
    DD (55): CS
    DS (48): EF


    DS (59): GPF
    DW (58): DG (MN: S)

    DS (32): LJ
    -DW (34): NR (MN: T)
    --DD (7): AM
    --DD (4): AM
    --DS (2): MA

    DD (28): EM
    -DH (35): HND
    --DD (2): OJ

    DD (25): PV


    DD (56): AL
    -DH (60): WRK

    DD (34): BG
    -DH (31): SAQ
    --DS (6): NP
    --DS/DS (4): JT & SD
    --DS (1): CZ

    DS (34): TR
    -DW (35): ME (MN: E)
    --DD (10): SE
    --DD (6): VC


    DD (55): CS
    -DH (57): MXH

    DD (25): DA
    DS (21): OF
    DS (18): LX


    DS (48): EF
    -DH (47): RJP
    --DstS (20): TD
    --DstD (17): MG
    --DD (4): RJ
    Thomas, Henry, Edwin, Arthur, Ford, Brandt, Isaac, Levi, Aaron, Asa, Graham, William, Soren
    Mary, Cora, Felicity, Catherine, Jane, Celeste, Virginia, Eleanor, Georgiana, Lavinia, Ramona,
    Louisa, Daphne, Julia, Nadia, May

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    LN: Ford

    DH (82): Thomas Elden Ford
    DW (80): Lavinia Pearl Ford

    DS (59): George Philip Ford
    DD (56): Adelaide Louise Ford
    DD (55): Charlotte Susan Ford
    DS (48): Edward Franklin Ford

    Thomas & Lavinia with George, Adelaide, Charlotte, and Edward


    DS (59): George Philip Ford
    DW (58): Dorothy Genevieve (MN: Sanchez) Ford

    George & Dottie with Logan, Erin, and Paige

    DS (32): Logan Jeremy Ford
    -DW (34): Nadia Rosamund (Thatcher) Ford
    --DD (7): Anna Madeleine Ford
    --DD (4): Alice Miriam Ford
    --DS (2): Milo Albert Ford

    Logan & Nadia with Anna, Alice, and Milo

    DD (28): Erin Melody (Ford) Delgado
    -DH (35): Harrison Nathaniel Delgado
    --DD (2): Olive June Delgado

    Harrison & Erin with Olive

    DD (25): Paige Vivienne Ford


    DD (56): Adelaide Louise (Ford) Komura
    -DH (60): William Raichi Komura

    DD (34): Bianca Gillian (Komura) Quade
    -DH (31): Sebastian Avery Quade
    --DS (6): Nicholas Patrick Quade
    --DS/DS (4): Jacob Thomas Quade & Samuel David Quade
    --DS (1): Christopher Zachary Quade

    Sebastian & Bianca with Nick, Jake, Sam, and Chris

    DS (34): Taran Raichi Komura
    -DW (35): Maria Eleanor (MN: Esparza) Komura
    --DD (10): Sophie Eleanor Komura
    --DD (6): Vivian Clare Komura

    Taran & Maria with Sophie and Vivian


    DD (55): Charlotte Susan (Ford) Holt
    -DH (57): Matthew Xavier Holt

    DD (25): Daphne Adelaide Holt
    DS (21): Oscar Frederick Holt
    DS (18): Lyle Xavier Holt

    Matthew & Charlotte with Daphne, Oscar, and Lyle


    DS (48): Edward Franklin Ford
    -DH (47): Ryan Joseph Paulson
    --DstS (20): Tyler Davis Paulson
    --DstD (17): Maya Grace Paulson
    --DD (4): Rosalie Jane Ford-Paulson

    Edward & Ryan with Tyler, Maya, and Rosalie
    Thomas, Henry, Edwin, Arthur, Ford, Brandt, Isaac, Levi, Aaron, Asa, Graham, William, Soren
    Mary, Cora, Felicity, Catherine, Jane, Celeste, Virginia, Eleanor, Georgiana, Lavinia, Ramona,
    Louisa, Daphne, Julia, Nadia, May

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    LN: Frost

    DH[82] Theodore Ellis "Theo"
    DW[80] Lorelei Penelope

    DS[59] Graham Percival
    DD[56] Adelaide Leonore "Ada"
    DD[55] Cora Sylvie
    DS[48] Emerson Fabian "Emery"

    DS[59] Graham Percival Frost
    DW[58] Davina Grier (MN: Spencer)

    DS[32] Laiken James
    -DW[34] Nora Romy (MN: Thames)
    --DD[7] Anneliese Mae "Annie"
    --DD[4] Amalia Marie
    --DS[2] Magnus Arthur

    DD[28] Emme Margaret
    -DH[35] Hugo Nathaniel Drummond
    --DD[2] Ophelia Joie

    DD[25] Penelope Victoria

    DD[56] Adelaide Leonore "Ada"
    -DH[60] William Richard Kirkland "Wills"

    DD[34] Beatrice Gemma
    -DH[31] Sebastian Alastair Quinn "Bash"
    --DS[6] Noel Patrick
    --DS/DS[4] Jonah Theodore "JT"/Sidney Desmond
    --DS[1] Coleman Zane "Cole"

    DS[34] Thomas Rowan
    -DW[35] Milla Evangeline (MN: Everard)
    --DD[10] Seraphina Evangeline
    --DD[6] Vivienne Cordelia "Vivi"

    DD[55] Cora Sylvie
    -DH[57] Maximilian Xander Hartford "Max"

    DD[25] Delilah Alice
    DS[21] Oliver Fox
    DS[18] Lucian Xander

    DS[48] Emerson Fabian "Emery"
    -DH[47] Robert Joseph Porter
    --DstS[20] Teddy Davidson
    --DstD[17] Margot Giana
    --DD[4] Ramona Janie

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    LN: Fuller

    DH (82): Thomas Elliott Fuller
    DW (80): Lisa Penelope Fuller

    DS (59): Garrett Paul Fuller
    DD (56): Andrea Lynn Fuller
    DD (55): Caroline Sue Fuller
    DS (48): Evan Frederick Fuller


    DS (59): Garrett Paul Fuller
    DW (58): Diana Genevieve Fuller (MN: Stewart)

    DS (32): Landon James Fuller
    -DW (34): Natalie Rose Fuller (MN: Tomawis)
    --DD (7): Alia Marie Fuller
    --DD (4): Annalise May Fuller
    --DS (2): Maxwell Ames Fuller

    DD (28): Emily Margaret Donahue (MN: Fuller)
    -DH (35): Hayden Nathaniel Donahue
    --DD (2): Olivia June Donahue

    DD (25): Paige Victoria Fuller


    DD (56): Andrea Lynn King (MN: Fuller)
    -DH (60): William Richard King "Bill"

    DD (34): Brianna Grace Quinn (MN: King)
    -DH (31): Steven Andrew Quinn
    --DS (6): Nolan Patrick Quinn
    --DS/DS (4): Josiah Tate Quinn & Silas Donovan Quinn
    --DS (1): Carter Zachary Quinn

    DS (34): Tyler Ryan King
    -DW (35): Melody Elizabeth King (MN: Evans)
    --DD (10): Sadie Elise King
    --DD (6): Vivian Claire King


    DD (55): Caroline Sue Hendricks (MN: Fuller)
    -DH (57): Michael Xavier Hendricks

    DD (25): Delaney Anne Hendricks
    DS (21): Owen Frank Hendricks
    DS (18): Lucas Xander Hendricks


    DS (48): Evan Frederick Fuller
    -DH (47): Ronald James Pryor "Ron"
    --DstS (20): Trey Daniel Pryor
    --DstD (17): Makayla Gabrielle Pryor
    --DD (4): Riley Jane Pryor

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    LN: Foster

    DH (82): Thomas Eugene Foster
    DW (80): Lillian Pearl Foster

    DS (59): George Philip Foster
    DD (56): Alison Lillian Foster
    DD (55): Christina Sheryl Foster
    DS (48): Eric Frank Foster


    DS (59): George Philip Foster
    DW (58): Deborah Grace (MN: Sullivan)

    DS (32): Lucas Joseph Foster
    -DW (34): Nicole Rachel Foster (MN: Tilton)
    --DD (7): Alexandra Monroe Foster
    --DD (4): Ava Madeline Foster
    --DS (2): Mason Andrew Foster

    DD (28): Emma Morgan Foster Davidson
    -DH (35): Hunter Nathaniel Davidson
    --DD (2): Olivia Julianne Davidson

    DD (25): Peyton Victoria Foster


    DD (56): Alison Lillian Foster Kaufman
    -DH (60): William Robert Kaufman

    DD (34): Brittany Gabrielle Kaufman
    -DH (31): Stephen Anthony Quinn
    --DS (6): Noah Parker Quinn
    --DS/DS (4): Jackson Thomas & Sebastian Daniel Quinn
    --DS (1): Carter Zane Quinn

    DS (34): Tyler Robert Kaufman
    -DW (35): Megan Elizabeth Kaufman (MN: Ellison)
    --DD (10): Savannah Elizabeth Kaufman
    --DD (6): Violet Caroline Kaufman


    DD (55): Christina Sheryl Foster Henderson
    -DH (57): Matthew Xavier Henderson

    DD (25): Danielle Alyssa Henderson
    DS (21): Oliver Foster Henderson
    DS (18): Landon Xavier Henderson


    DS (48): Eric Frank Foster
    -DH (47): Robert James Pearce
    --DstS (20): Tyler David Pearce
    --DstD (17): Madison Grace Pearce
    --DD (4): Ruby Juliet Foster-Pearce

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