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    Most mismatched sibsets you know?

    I've seen a lot of wonderful sibling pairings here on nameberry but I was curious about sibsets that you know which you think clash in style or sound or are in any other way mismatched. For example, I know a Dan and Emmeline sibset, both lovely names but I find the lengths make them clash, and a Cyndi and Mary sibset which I think clash in style.

    Obviously, this is all subjective but I wondered what examples you could think of.
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    Demetrius and Kate (they're in their twenties)

    Side note: these aren't really mismatched just extremely similar for siblings
    Sydney & Cindy (they're in their late teens, my cousin dated Sydney)
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    Brian & Brianna

    Hey, let's just stick a "na" on the end of Brian and we have our girl's name!

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    Audrey and Arden, both girls! One is common and feminine, the other is uncommon and unisex? And they are made up of almost the same exact letters...

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    I was watching Toddlers & Tiaras today, and a set of twins very named Giavanna and Alycesaundra (pronounced Alessandra)

    I don't know why you would want to misspell one of your children's name so badly..
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