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    Initials Generation BNG

    LN: I




    (46)DS/DS/DD:AJ and BR and CG



    (50)DH: IO




    (43)DW: KA


    (10)DD/DD:AZ and AL

    (9)DS/DS/DS:JA and JB and JC










    (11)DD/DD:SK and LR


    (6)DS/DS/DS/DD/DD:MK and MR and MS and MJ and MA

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    (81)DH: James Theodore Iaconelli.

    (78)DW: Alice Rosemary Iaconelli (Guiver).

    (49)DD: Sally Alexandra Iaconelli.

    (46)DS/DS/DD: Andrew John "Drew" Iaconelli, Brandon Richard Iaconelli, & Catherine Grace "Cathy" Iaconelli.

    (44)DD: Kimberly Marie Iaconelli.

    (49)DD: Sally Alexandra James (Iaconelli).

    (50)DH: Isaac Oliver James.

    (18)DS/DD/DD/DS/DD: Aiden Isaiah James, Bailey Elizabeth James, Calliope Lauren "Callie" James, Derek Kenneth James, & Emma Penelope James.

    (15)DS: Zachary Michael "Zach" James.

    (46)DS: Andrew John "Drew" Iaconelli.

    (43)DW: Katherine Alys "Kate" Iaconelli (Bernstein).

    (16)DD: Tallulah Kathleen Iaconelli.

    (10)DD/DD: Arizona Zenobia Iaconelli & Alexandria Lauren "Alex" Iaconelli.

    (9)DS/DS/DS: Jasper Adam Iaconelli, Jackson Brandt Iaconelli, & Jeremy Christopher Iaconelli.

    (46)DS: Brandon Richard Iaconelli.

    (44)DW: Natalie Nicole Iaconelli (Main).

    (14)DD: Jessica Noelle Iaconelli.

    (11)DS/DD/DS/DD/DD/DS: Jacob Arnold Iaconelli, Juniper Brie Iaconelli, Jason Christian Iaconelli, Julia Danielle Iaconelli, Jada Elisabeth Iaconelli, &
    Jude Felix Iaconelli.

    (46)DD: Catherine Grace "Cathy" Chirico (Iaconelli).

    (48)DH: William Nicholas "Will" Chirico.

    (12)DD: Leona Cathleen Chirico.

    (44)DD: Kimberly Marie Massey (Iaconelli).

    (45)DH: Oscar Roland Massey.

    (11)DD/DD: Sophia Kaitlin Massey & Lionel Raymond Massey.

    (9)DS: Theo Olivier Massey.

    (6)DS/DS/DS/DD/DD: Marcus Kellan Massey, Matthew Robert "Matt" Massey, Maxwell Sebastian "Max" Massey, Melissa June Massey, & Marissa Aine Massey.

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    LN: Ivey

    (81)DH: Jude Tiberius

    (78)DW: Arabella Ravenna

    (49)DD: Simone Annabel

    (46)DS/DS/DD: Arthur Jupiter and Bellamy Rupert and Clementine Genevieve (Ari and Cleo)

    (44)DD: Keturah Maeve

    (49)DD: Simone Annabel

    (50)DH: Ira Otto

    (18)DS/DD/DD/DS/DD: August Indigo and Beatrix Elizabeth and Cressida Lavender and Dashiell Killian and Evangeline Peridot (Gus and Dash)

    (15)DS: Zebedee Morgan

    (46)DS: Arthur Jupiter (Ari)

    (43)DW: Katherine Aurora (Ren)

    (16)DD: Theodora Kaia (Thea)

    (10)DD/DD: Araminta Zelda and Adelaide Louisa (Lady)

    (9)DS/DS/DS: Julius Albin and Jack Barnaby and Jameson Clarence (Jules and Jem)

    (46)DS: Bellamy Rupert

    (44)DW: Nora Nicole

    (14)DD: Josephine Niamh (Posey)

    (11)DS/DD/DS/DD/DD/DS: Jasper Alaric and Juliet Blythe and James Caspian and Jessamine Delphine and Jemima Elizabeth and Jonah Felix (Jett and Mimi)

    (46)DD: Clementine Genevieve (Cleo)

    (48)DH: Willoughby Nicholas

    (12)DD: Lyra Cosima

    (44)DD: Keturah Maeve

    (45)DH: Oscar Rowan

    (11)DD/DD: Seraphina Kathleen and Lavinia Rowena

    (9)DS: Theodore Oliver (Teddy)

    (6)DS/DS/DS/DD/DD: Montgomery Kingsley and Malachi Rufus and Moses Sebastian and Matilda Jane and Magnolia Aurelia (Monty and Kai and Moe and Maude)

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    Annabelle Caroline 17 year old Teenberry

    Phoebe Sage. Sierra Nicole. Maeve Adele. Violet Isabelle. Ella Mae. Addison Violet. Michaela Rose. Ruby Layne. Harper Brooke. Charlotte Mackenzie. Muiread Caroline. Emma Sophia. Piper Madelyn. Grace Elizabeth.

    Kieran James. Noah Taylor. Oliver Tate. Max Jacob. Ryder Malcolm. Russell Milo. Brandon Miles. Jordan John. Joshua Bryce. Malachi Weston. Levi James. Micah George. Spencer Luke. Kyle Max. Daniel Jack. Hudson Brock. Elliott Kai

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