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    5 new names on our list

    DH and I are debating these five names and we'd love to hear your opinions on them:

    ~ Adelia - We are not sure how the end is pronounced deal-ya or dee-lee-uh? (we liked Adelina, but are avoiding -ina/-na ending names)

    ~ Adrienne - (we liked Adriana, but same thing as with Adelina)

    ~ Colette

    ~ Cosima - Too strange/out-there?

    ~ Acacia - Too nature themed?
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    My favorite from your list is Cosima! I adore it and wish my fiance would go for it, you are so lucky.

    Cosima-Magical, beautiful perfection.
    Adelia- I like it but it's really close to Amelia. How are you pronouncing it? Similar names I adore are Adara and Adira.
    Adrienne-I like it but it doesn't wow me.
    Colette-My friend just named her baby this. I really like it. This would be my second favorite from your list.
    Acacia-I've never cared for this as a name.

    In order of preference: Cosima, Adira/Adara (if those were options), Colette, Adelia, Adrienne, and Acacia.
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    Adrienne - Girls I know with variations of Adrian tend to get their name mispronounced & misspelled a lot because there are so many variations, all equally popular. So I'd stay away from it.
    Cosima - nms
    Adelia - I hear 'A deal, ya?' So maybe Adeline or Adelaide?
    Acacia - It just doesn't sound as pretty to me as other flower names, how about Iris?
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    In order of how I like them: Adelia (which I say as uh-deal-yuh,) Colette, Cosima, Adrienne, Acacia.

    Are the names in your signature others on your list? I LOVE Pandora!
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    I love Cosima and I quite like Acacia. Colette is so close to Coquette, that I've never really liked it, but I saw the cutest little girl the other day named Colette and now it's growing on me. Adelia and Adrienne are ok, but I feel like you have some much better choices.
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