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    Need help with first name, middle name Alice

    My due date is in 3 days and I still haven't settled on a name! The middle name is Alice in honor of my fiance's grandmother so that's pretty much set in stone. Our favorite boy name is Kellin, which we've considered using as a girl's name but I kinda want to save it for when/if we have a boy.

    So far, my favorite names are:
    Audrey Alice
    Aveline Alice
    Hailey Alice
    Emery Alice

    He likes:
    Evelyn Alice
    Alexandria Alice
    Leah Alice
    Vanessa Alice

    Evelyn/Aveline is our compromise name, but I'm not 100% in love with it. Any suggestions or favorites?

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    I love Evelyn Alice is beautiful! What about Mary Alice?

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    Alice is beautiful, Evelyn Alice sounds good but Leah Alice might be better for a little girl.
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    My favorites are Audrey Alice and Evelyn Alice. You can't go wrong with either of those.
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    I agree with Audrey Alice and Evelyn Alice. Both are gorgeous!
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