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  • Elina Justine

    16 25.40%
  • Lena Justine

    18 28.57%
  • Selena Justine

    12 19.05%
  • Serena Justine

    28 44.44%
  • Jasmine Justine

    1 1.59%
  • Imani Justine

    6 9.52%
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    More help please...Vote for your favorite!

    Hubby and I are having a hard time picking another girl name, after it was relatively easy to name our first girl, Zoe, and our son, Lachlan. Our kids have a hyphenated last name, (starting with Sh and Sa) I have a gut feeling she's a "jessie" but hubby likes that as a Nn not a full name. I'm kind of stuck on the idea of a J name, but I don't really LOVE any so far. We're pretty set on using Justine as a middle name, which is my mother's middle and my grandmother's name. I kinda like the idea of Jasmine Justine with Jessie or JJ as nicknames, but I kind of think Jasmine is a little too popular for our tastes. We both work in elementary and preschools, so we have a lot of names ruled out by strong association with one kid or another. At the moment, we seem to mostly agree on these options...
    Jasmine Justine (Jessie or JJ)
    Elina or Lena Justine
    Selena Justine (possibly Lena for short)
    Serena Justine
    Imani Justine (not sure hubby is as sold on that as I think I am)

    Any suggestions along these lines?
    Hmm. A friend just suggested Jusine Imani instead. Maybe that...
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    I like Lena Justine, followed by Elina and Selena. I don't really like Imani, it's just not my style. Jasmine nn Jessie is ok, I just like the first three better.
    Good luck!

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    Jasmine Justine seems your best bet - Jasmine works well with both Zoe and Lachlan and gives you the best shot at using Jessie as a nickname of this list. What about Jessamy - do you like it at all?

    I think Justine would work well as a first with her siblings, give you the namesake AND the nickname of Jessie, so my vote would go to Justine 'Jessie' as first.
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    I like the idea of JJ as a nickname, however I personally am not fond of Jasmine
    Some other JJ suggestions:

    Jael Justine
    Jamison Justine
    Jeda Justine - Jeda is my sil's name and I think it's gorgeous

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