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    New name love--what do you think?

    Hello 'Berries!

    As many of you know from my previous posts, my husband an I love the name Lyra for if/when we have a daughter because of some personal significance of the His Dark Materials book series. I've been playing around with sibling name ideas because it's hard to think of names that would have as much significance that we also really love. For a long time, we really loved Juno as a sibling name for Lyra--and that eventually evolved in to Juniper with the nn Juno. I still love Juno but my interest in it as a name we might actually use waxes and wanes.

    Any way, I was browsing names on Nameberry with the intent of finding more literary name ideas and I came across Lennox--as in Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden. I checked out the threads containing Lennox as a girl's name and you guys don't seem to be fans. I think it sounds really sweet with Lyra though. In most cases, I don't like choosing names that start with the same letter. I have thrown out Lucian, Lysander and Lydia because that are too close to Lyra. Somehow, though...Lyra and Lennox just sound right to me. I can picture both names on any type of girl--which is a plus because I want them to feel their name fits them, whoever they turn out to be. Also, if Lennox turns out to be too "out there" for her, there are lots of nn options...Lenni, Lex, Lexi, Nox...

    I don't know--what do you think? What you think or feel if you met sisters named Lyra and Lennox? Thanks!
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    I love family names, literary names and familiar but uncommon names. Feel free to suggest some!

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    I actually love the idea of a girl called Lennox. I think it's restrictive to think of names strictly in gendered terms...I think names are much more interesting when we explore the options of them on different sexes. I think of Annie Lennox, which is (imo) a really cool connection. So for me, Lennox works on a girl, because it doesn't feel so masculine. It feels extremely unisex to me. I love the idea of Lennox nn Nox, btw.

    I also love Lyra. It's gorgeous, interesting and makes me think of the stars. But Lyra and Lennox together? I'm not sure...I like it, but I worry that they don't match as a sibset. I don't mean that sibling names need to be matchy, but I think they need to have a flow to them. I feel that Lyra is feminine and musical, and Lennox is more masculine and solid, if that makes any sense. I think it's a cute sibset in theory, but Lyra needs another name along with it that has that similar feminine, starry, musical quality.

    That's just my two cents! If you love Lennox, I say go for it. Would you like some more suggestions? If so, just say the word, and I'll see what I can come up with.
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    I say go for it. I like the unisex name trend. And there are lots of cute nn possibilities, like you've mentioned.

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    I like both names. Lyra to me is magical. Light and airy; carefree. Musical like the pp said. Celestial. I picture a little girl with long wispy curls and curious eyes, in a brightly colored sundress, twirling and laughing, playing outside in the sun. I picture an adult wearing the name just as well. Same free spirit, and carefree attitude. She's a lover of all things nature. Gentle, kind. The type of person that never meets a stranger; outgoing. Loves trying new things.

    Lennox to me is slightly different. Maybe on the other side of the spectrum. Its a name full of sass and spunk, different but not out there. A no frills name. I picture a little tom-boy keeping up with the boys. Having swordfights with sticks, and not afraid to get dirty. Her imagination runs wild, she's adventurous. An adult could wear this name well too. I picture her taking nothing off anybody, has an opinion on everything; outspoken. She expirements with her style, expresses herself. Listens to rock music, feminine but not frilly. Not too high maintenance.

    I think as sisters they could work. They're both cute names, that sound nice together. I say go for it.

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    Lyra and Lennox sound like a super cool sibset. Although I much prefer Lennox on a boy, I think it could work on a girl, and I think the two names together are great.
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