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    Middle names to go with a lovely, lovely first

    Middle Names for Marina? I've fallen in love with the name, and for a long bit Marina Rose was a combination I loved, but now I'm kind of at a loss. Could somebody suggest something? Something fairly familiar and feminine, if you can, but other things are completely welcome, because you never know! Thank you so hard!

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    Marina is gorgeous! Honestly, Rose is bland. It's very overused in the middle name spot. Not to mention, I don't like the double r sounds in both Marina and Rose. It makes it not flow as well.

    Marina Colette
    Marina Violet
    Marina Vivian
    Marina Giselle
    Marina Lucy
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    Marina Rose, while they're both lovely names, doesn't flow well to me because of the double "R" sound.

    Some suggestions:

    Marina Louise
    Marina Cecily
    Marina Gabrielle
    Marina Georgette
    Marina Penelope
    Marina Catherine
    Marina Sophie
    Marina Vivienne
    Marina Violet
    Marina Xanthe
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