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    I got Classic. Yep, that's me alright!
    Jude, blackbird.

    Amelia \//\ Teddy /\\/ Frances \//\ Leila /\\/ Marian \//\ Goldy /\\/ Frida \//\ Petra /\\/ Tilde \//\ Dorothy

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    I got classic!

    Current crushes:
    Girls: Adelaide, Fiona, Nora, Molly
    Boys: Benjamin, Levi, Miles/Milo, Sebastian, Theodore, James, Remi/Remy

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    You scored 61 popularity, 60 history, 32 creativity, and 76 texture!
    You like common, traditional names that are solid and down to earth. Some people might even call them boring, but they're fine names that have stood the test of time. In the book The Baby Name Wizard, try looking under Timeless, or Solid Citizens. Online, many of the people at like Classic names. The naming style most unlike yours is Kre8tyve. You probably think names like Jaysin and Mackeighli are horrible, and feel sorry for babies inflicted with those names, as they are doomed to years of explaining how their name is spelled. It's not likely you'll find many names to agree on with somone who has that naming style. Other catagories with names you might like are: Biblical, Old-Fashioned, Princes and Princesses, Exotic Traditional

    so true!!!
    Lucy Magdalene ~ Felix Augustine
    Catherine Lark ~ William Ignatius
    Margaret Fiona "Maisy" ~ Calvin Gabriel
    Edith Primrose ~ Thomas Percival
    Jane ??? ~ Owen Benedict
    Eleanor Valentine ~ Timothy Lewis
    Elizabeth Agnes ~ Harrison Peter

    Anthea Valentine ~ Sebastian Luke ~ Elanor Astrid

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    Exotic Traditional

    You scored 46 popularity, 63 history, 28 creativity, and 69 texture!
    You like uncommon, traditional, real, names with history behind them. Some people will think you made the name up, and you'll have to be willing to give impromtu history lessons, but at least your kid will stand out from all the Emily's, Hannah's and Isabella's. Some of these names have a more common nickname that you can use, which might make things easier for your child at times. Online, many of the users at fit into this catagory. The naming style most unlike yours is Tryndee. You probably think Tryndee names are the craptastic products of an inane hive mind. It's not likely you'll find many names to agree on with somone who has that naming style. Other catagories with names you might like are: Literary, Ethnic, Androgynous, Classic

    I agree with this!
    19 year old name lover
    Currently obsessed with Charlotte Eve & Jude Oliver
    United States

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    I got Classic. No surprises there.
    Emily • Nineteen • United States
    ♂ | Samuel Edward George Arthur Ezra James Theodore Simon
    ♀ | Jane Helen Anne Caroline Cordelia Gwen Georgia Arya

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