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Thread: A MN for Finley

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    A MN for Finley

    BF and I are trying for a baby, and my #1 girls name is Finley, my #1 mn is Lydia, but obviously they do not flow well together..which breaks my heart, so I was wondering if anyone has some mn ideas? I dont like "filler" middle names.. No Rose, Grace, etc... I want a name that has some sort of meaning behind it...

    Also, would Lydia work if we put in a 3rd middle name? As in Finley ________ Lydia, or Finley Lydia ________ ?

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    Re: A MN for Finley

    I prefer Lydia in 2nd place. I really love love love Lydia.
    What about?

    Finley Lydia May
    Finley Lydia Ruth
    Finely Lydia Kate
    Finley Lydia Estelle
    Finely Lydia Nicolette
    Finley Lydia Page
    Finley Lydia Yun

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    Re: A MN for Finley

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