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    Narrowing Down my List - Please Help!

    I am having a really difficult time picking a name for our second daughter. She is due in September. Our oldest daughter's name is Claire Elizabeth. You guys have come up with some beautiful options for people on other posts, so I thought you could help. Here are some of the names we have come up with so far. I thought maybe if some of you were willing to suggest middle names, it might help me to really click with a name. I'm open to other suggestions on firsts as well.

    Here is our current list for consideration. Please let me know which names you like best as well as some good middles you could see paired with them. FYI - Our last name is two syllables if that helps with the middle name options.

    MaryElla (family name)

    Thanks so much in advance for your help!

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    Re: Narrowing Down my List - Please Help!

    Of the names in your list, I really like MaryElla and Amelia with Claire. I think they go well together as sibling names. I have no children yet, but I enjoy hearing about other's names! :o)
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    Re: Narrowing Down my List - Please Help!

    Juliana jumps out for me; I love it! I would go with Juliana Blythe! I don't like the unisex options on your list at all, esp with the beautiful Claire. Amelia is pretty, but feels a bit too popular and doesn't match the sophistication of Claire as well as Juliana does. I like Mary or Ella, but not the two blended together and still not as much as Juliana.
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    Re: Narrowing Down my List - Please Help!

    Amelia and Claire sound amazing.

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