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Thread: WDYT of ....?

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    WDYT of ....?

    What do you think of Easton Cassidy for a boy? I used to LOVE this pairing, but after saying Cassidy out loud a few times I'm not sure I like it too much anymore. I think that Easton Cassidy sounds okay now. I think I'm just in love with how Cassidy looks paired with Easton, instead of how it sounds.
    The other middle name I had for Easton is John/Johnathan, after my grandpa.
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    Not fond of Cassidy. Easton John is nice though.
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    Cassidy is a girl's name, imo. Easton is okay.

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    I really, really, really dislike Easton. And Cassidy is feminine.

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    I think if you go with Easton, John is the best mn. Easton Cassidy has too much sibilance. Easton Jonathan rhymes too much. Easton John sounds more grounded. (Although, it does slightly remind me, in writing, not when said aloud, of Elton John....)

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