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    Helen and Barbara. husband's are Sylvia and Harriet.

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    Oct 2012
    Toronto, Canada
    Grandmothers: Iris Betty and Jean Robertson

    Great grandmothers: Augusta, Ruby, Syrena and Annie
    Just an 19 year old girl who loves thinking about baby names and watching TV

    Show I am currently watching... Friday Night Lights

    Names from the show I like...

    Eric, Taylor, Matthew "Matt", Landry, Clarke, Timothy "Tim", Billy, Riggins, Jason, Street, Brian, Luke, Cafferty, Vince, Howard, Hastings, Ruckle, Buddy & Garrity

    Tami, Julie, Gracie, Belle, Tyra, Lyla, Jess, Merriweather, Lorraine, Shelby, Mindy & Becky

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    Oct 2012
    Somewhere along the banks of the mighty Columbia
    Helen and Norma. My great grandmother's maiden name was Hazel Grove.
    Trying, trying, trying

    Current favorites:
    Boy: Asa Guillaume, Barnaby August
    Girl: Apolline Iris- Polly, Clothilde Juno- Chloe

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    I have quit a few grandmothers and great grandmothers.

    Melinda Sue, Betty Jean, Rafaela, Maria Edelmira, and Mary-Jo
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    Danielle • 19 years old • United States

    Geraldine · Eleanor · Dorothy · Anne · Edith
    William · Edward · James · Robert · Henry

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    Harriett Nancy 'Nancy' - My great-grandmother Ivy Annie (died after my nan was born, Nan was adopted), my step-great-grandmother Florence Annie

    Phyllis Beatrice Rose - My great-grandmother Amelia and great-great Grandmother Amelia.

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