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    What a fabulous question.

    Joyce Beryl = Paternal grandma
    Margaret Ellen Mignon = Maternal grandma
    Valerie Eunice = step-grandma
    Nora = grandma-in-law
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    I have three: my father's mother, my mother's mother, and my step-father's mother.
    FM: Janet.
    MM (who I'm very close with): Connie Jean.
    SFM: Juby.
    Teenberry. INFP. Ravenclaw. Passions: art, acting, music, psychology, reading, and naming.
    (Changing my name to Zoie Willow.)

    For a future...
    Darling Daughter:
    Opal Eleanor ~ Lavender Elaine ~ Magnolia Isobel ~ Luna Penelope ~ India Alice

    Splendid Son:
    Sebastian River - River William Henry - Bodhi James - Hugo Timothy Arthur - Atlas John

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    Beatrice! Lovely name!

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    my mom's mom is Christine. Her mother was Matilda, who went by Tillie.
    my mom's dad's mom was Jeanette (I plan to honor her).
    my mom's step mother is Margaret, who goes by Peg/Peggy. Her mother is Mary, I believe.

    my dad's mom is Margaret, who goes by Marge. Her mom was Mary (coincedence...)
    my dad's dad's mom was Maria...I think...that side is from Italy (my grandpa came over) so it's a bit hard to remember.

    Oh yeah...also:
    my step-dad's mother was Alberta.
    Currently liking:

    Girls: Lydia Jeanette, Leah Christine, Aria Quinn, Anna Ruby

    Boys: Asa Vincent, Peter Eliot, Anthony Nicholas, Paul Gregory, Luke Mackenize

    Thinking about:
    Viva Lux, Luca Daniel, Lorenzo "Enzo", Adah Marie

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    Reva and Ellen. Both are incorporated in my daughter's name.

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