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    Rainy Pacific Northwest
    Mother's side: MaryAnne

    Father's side: Lillian, who changed her name to Ellen when she moved from Denmark to the U.S. and when my grandfather divorced Lillian, he married Marilyn.

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    Land of Cotton
    My maternal grandmother is called Barbara Ann, but the entire family calls her Bob. My paternal grandmother was called Betty, but I never learned her middle name. Some great-grandmother names were Pauline Ray and Virginia. My step-grandmother is called Donna.

    I always said I would name twin girls Pauline and Virginia if I ever had them.
    Ashley l Christian l Journalist

    Lorelei Anouk ○ Hermione Iris ○ Rosalind Cora ○ Ingrid Molly ○ Sophie Heloise ○ Merida Lucy ○ Ruby Evangeline ○ Genevieve Winter ○ Cecelia Bliss

    Phineas Reid ○ Rafferty Fox ○ Deacon Murray ○ Harvey Penn ○ Barnaby Roux ○ Percival Jack ○ Gideon Ace ○ Judah Montgomery

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    On my dads side I have Jan (or Janet) Irene, and on my moms I have Paula.

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    Wanda and Ruth!
    Mother to three year old Bryce Ryker
    Baby #2 due on February 26th 2015!

    Girls: Sunny. Margo. Eleanor. Freya. Eliza.
    Boys: Vincent. Warner. Theodore. Montgomery.

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    Barbara (Welsh/British) and Shirley (Irish).

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