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    Patricia Reed and Nelly Edith - Grandmothers
    Beatrice Ellen and Asia Odessa - Great-Grandmothers
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    My grandmothers are Margaret and Marjorie.
    My great-grandmothers are Rose (biological, died), Gladys (step-grandmother), Theresa, and Lydia.
    I really like Rose, and Lydia and Theresa are very nice too. Gladys- not so much.
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    My grandmothers are Joyce and Delores. Great grandmothers names are Steva (Steve-uh) and Lillian

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    Mine are Stella (who has a sister named Katherine) & Mary, and I have someone who is like a grandmother to me named Zoe.
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    My grandmothers are Dorothea (Thea) and Josephine (Joy). My DH's grandmothers are Gwendoline (Gwen) and Alice, although this was her 'Australian' name, I'm sure she had a Dutch name in Holland.

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