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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    I can't remember if I posted this or not.

    Grandmothers: Mildred Gertrude, Emilia Irene

    Great-Grandmothers: Mildred Gertrude, Catherine, Giuseppina Irma - "Josephine", Nunziata - "Nancy"

    Great-Great Grandmothers: Victoria Ella, Sarah, Marianne, Maria Irene, Emilia

    Great-Great-Great Grandmothers: Harriet Ann, Josephine

    I thought it was interesting how my great-grandmother named her daughter Emilia Irene, after each of her grandmothers (Maria Irene and Emilia).
    "Don't try to be modern, it's the most old-fashioned thing there is," - Attilio, The Tiger and the Snow

    Domenico/Dominic, Gianfranco/Gianpaolo, Giacomo, Antonio, Raphael, Calogero, Leopold, Angelo, Giorgio, Alban, Malachi, Dante, Mirek, Dario, Lionel, Asa
    Katarina/Caterina, Irena, Silvia, Aniela, Delfina, Raffaella, Apollonia, Cecilia, Pasqualina, Rosina, Josephine, Allegra, Alba, Leokadia, Bronya, Adrasteia, Vincenza, Althea, Eurydice, Regina, Mirella, Arianell, Sonia, Talia, Leonie

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Clara Emma Minnie Sophie


    Priscilla Lou

    My in-laws Marion and Mary Jo. My husband has already shot down both Priscilla and Clara, boo.

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Grandmothers-Anna and Bessie
    Great-grandmothers- Effie, Myrtle, Idras, Eliza

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Mine are
    Wanda Kaye (but she goes by Kaye)
    & Ruth Marie.
    But I have a great-grandmother who was Lena Louise Emma!

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    Re: What are your Grandmothers' Names?

    Lois Eugenia and Marilyn... just Marilyn, no middle name.

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