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    Movies/TV Shows with Namebank!

    You have 8 children total! Name the 4 girls and 4 boys by using both genders for each of the Movies or TV Shows. Include middle names as well from the Namebanks or make up your own if you wish. Have fun & Enjoy!

    ***NOTE: Namebanks include BOTH character names & actor/actress names from the movies & shows for more of a variety.***


    Son #1- Troy, Chad, Ryan, Zac, Lucas, Corbin, Jason, Zeke, Jack, Chris, Ryne

    Daughter #1- Gabriella, Vanessa, Taylor, Sharpay, Martha, Ashley, Monique, Alyson, Olesya, Kaycee, Kelsi


    Son #2- Lucas, Chad, Nathan, James, Jamie, Jackson, Davis, Jude, Paul, Barry, Craig, Lee, Antwon, Austin, Robert, Marvin, Stephen, Tyler, Dan, Keith, Julian, Clay, Chase, Chris

    Daughter #2- Brooke, Peyton, Haley, Sophia, Hilarie, Bethany, Joy, Moira, Barbara, Danneel, Lisa, Shantel, Jana, Sawyer, Lydia, Karen, Lily, Deb, Rachel, Alex, Millicent, Millie, Quinn, Taylor, Victoria, Lindsay, Carrie


    Son #3- Ian, Ezra, Caleb, Tyler, Byron, Toby, Keegan, Jason, Drew, Noel, Brant, Mike, Ryan, Cody, Wren, Garrett

    Daughter #3- Maya, Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily, Alison, Mona, Janel, Lucy, Ashley, Troian, Shay, Sasha, Holly, Paige, Lindsey, Ella, Jenna, Melissa, Tammin, Torrey


    Son #4- Daniel, Harry, Ron, Rupert, James, Fred, George, Oliver, Matthew, Neville, Draco, Tom

    Daughter #4- Hermione, Emma, Luna, Ginny, Bonnie, Amelia, Lavender, Charity, Molly, Bellatrix, Julie, Lily

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    Combos I'm Liking:

    Jane Valencia Dagmar, George Balthasar, Lorelei Dove , Rufus Gabriel, Penelope Allaire, Henry Philip, Ginevra Eden & Edgar Sullivan

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    DS: Corbin Lucas "Corb"
    DD: Vanessa Kaycee "Nessie"
    DS: Lucas Tyler "Luc"
    DD: Millicent Victoria "Millie"
    DS: Keegan Noel "Keeg"
    DD: Aria Lucy "Ari"
    DS: Matthew Harry "Matt"
    DD: Lily Bellatrix "Lil"
    19 year old writer, baby name lover and avid reader!

    Top names at the moment
    Girls: Lillian Avery, Everly Grace, Isabelle Rose, Rosalie Eden, Violet Addyson & Charlotte Mae
    Boys: Theodore John, Nathaniel Troy, Masen Alexander, Logan Edward, Emmett Levi & Kainan Christopher.

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    17 year old baby name lover

    Jude||Ezra||Atticus||Ryland||Jasper||Silas||Asa||T heo||Lachlan||Radley||Viggo||Rhys||Leon||Salem||Ri ver||Archer||Flynn

    Iris||Vivienne||Lilith||Delilah||Lavinia||Juniper| |Phoebe||Luna||Thessaly||Lyra||Ingrid||Nina||Shilo h||Avalon||Juno||Saga||Leonie

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