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    CAF Quiz With Three Choices!


    FN: Which of the following movies would you most rather watch?
    Bridesmaids (comedy) – Nadine, Genevieve, or Spencer
    Howl’s Moving Castle (animated, fantasy) – Ondine, Alma, or Emerson
    Selfless (sci-fi, thriller) – Maren, Imogen, or Honora
    Sinister (horror) – Evelyn, Dacia, or London
    Sweet Home Alabama (romance) – Maple, Harper, or Adeline
    The Avengers (action, superheroes) – Bay, Elora, or Luna

    MN: What do you like more of on your popcorn?
    Butter – Isadora, Aven, or Lucy
    Salt – Minerva, Opal, or Hope


    FN: What are you drinking?
    Water – Quincy, Cody, or Josiah
    TeaHarlan, Edwin, or Lorenzo
    Coffee – Ren, Francis, or Noah
    Soda – Jett, Landon, or Silas
    Other – Tiger, Charles, or Lucien
    Nothing – Osborne, Winston, or Leonel

    MN: What sort of device are you on currently?
    Mobile – Maceo, Buckley, or Felix
    Computer – Hart, Alessandro, or Archer


    FN: What quality do you find most important in a romantic partner?
    Responsible and put-together – Frederick, Wiley, Evan
    Spontaneous and fun to be with – Nico, Henry, or Caledon
    Always makes you laugh – Corey, Desmond, or Chase
    Caring and accepting – Oliver, Murphy, or Gunnar
    Shares your values (morals, faith, politics etc.) – Robert, Talon, Oscar
    Intelligent and worldly – Apollo, Colin, or Wesley

    MN: Most attractive eye color, in your opinion?
    Brown or HazelEmilio, Mercury, or Ryan
    Blue or GrayLeighton, Flash, or Jonathan
    Green or Other – Pilot, Milo, or Tyler


    FN: If you’re creatively inclined, what do you (or what would you) do as your form of art?
    Acting – Tenley, Ramona, or Hannah
    Fiction Writing – Jora, Adelaide, or Lauren
    Instrument – Adrienne, Kimber, or Olive
    Painting – Sienna, Aurora, or Anouk
    PoetryNerys, Maida, or Amelia
    Screenplay – Georgia, Starr, or Vanessa
    Singing – Malia, Daisy, or Ethel

    MN: Overall, are you more logical-brained or creative-brained?
    Logical: Jessamine, Alexa, or Mirren
    Creative: Coralie, Eden, or Embeth


    FN: What is your favorite snack food?
    Veggies or Fruit – Elena, Shaylee, or Roselita
    Yogurt or Pudding – Marina, Gracen, or Cadence
    Chips or Crackers – Leah, Cassia, or Ingrid
    Cookies or Candy Bars – Hadley, Maggie, or Caroline
    Other – Carmen, Neoma, or Sage

    MN: Is your lucky number even or odd?
    Odd – Gwendoline, Brie, or Violet
    EvenJacqueline, Piper, or Monica
    I don’t have/believe in lucky numbers – Eloise, Robin, or Abilene


    FN: What do you get out of your career?
    Financial stability but not one I love – Gavin, Jason, or Viggo
    Something I love that I don’t make much doing – Garth, Otto, or Elijah
    I manage to have both – Delico, Austin, or Emmett
    I have a job not a career – Troy, Davis, or Cadell
    I don’t work at the moment – Skyler, Peter, or Jasper

    MN: Favorite type of weather?
    Rain or Thunder – Arslan, Samson, or Scout
    Sun or Wind – Acacius, Beau, or Lars
    Snow or Hail – Amadeus, Finley, or Hollis

    Child #7

    FN: If you could pick, would you rather have a boy or girl first? Or if you already have children, did you have a boy or girl first?
    Boy first – Rosalie, Persephone, or Liv
    Girl first – Lorcan, Prescott, or Ivor

    Middle name: Your choice!

    ~Name your family and add any other details you like! I hope this was fun
    "C." Mid 20's. Sonographer and hobbyist writer/drawer.

    Leonie Viveca | Thora Eulalie | Saskia Delphine
    Harlan Rafferty | Nico Barnaby | Reed Prospero
    Girl List | Boy List

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    DD: Alma Lucy (16)
    DS: Silas Archer (16)
    DS: Wiley Emilio (13)
    DD: Jora Mirren (10)
    DD: Sage Gwendoline (9)
    DS: Emmett Arslan (6)
    DS: Lorcan Nicolai (2)
    "C." Mid 20's. Sonographer and hobbyist writer/drawer.

    Leonie Viveca | Thora Eulalie | Saskia Delphine
    Harlan Rafferty | Nico Barnaby | Reed Prospero
    Girl List | Boy List

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    DD1: Alma Opal
    DS1: Edwin Archer
    DS2: Oliver Milo
    DD2: Amelia Eden
    DD3: Sage Eloise
    DS3: Otto Samson
    DS4: Ivor Frederick

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    Seattle area
    Catalina // 17 // soon-to-be college student // volleyball // math nerd

    Girls: Augusta || Bryony || Caroline || Elizabeth || Helena || Katherine || Margaret || Rosemary
    Boys: Adrian || August || Bennett || Elliott || Ezra || Foster || Joel || Lowe || Porter || Weston

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