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    Re: please help, my children want to name the baby 'Tinkerbelle'

    Cecily Plum! I love it. And I really do think it sounds best with the middle name, your surname, and your other childrens' names. Good luck!

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    Re: please help, my children want to name the baby 'Tinkerbelle'

    Hi! I think Eloise Plum, Sylvie Plum, or Coralie Plum are my favourites from your list, and each goes splendidly with Jack and Nola in my opinion. Mirabelle is a nice way to honor grandma Plum, but it's just not my cup of tea, especially in light of your other options.

    It's so cute that your kids want to call her Tinkerbell - that could be a special little nickname for her. I know a baby whose siblings call her Spot (after the dog) though it has NOTHING to do with her name, and I've always thought that was very sweet and special.

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