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    Honest opinions on daughter's unusual but not weird name!

    She's 2 now and we still love it, but I'm interested in what some of you who are really into names think- we've heard all the criticism from family & friends and can take it!
    Her name is Creedence Kaia. She often goes by nn Cree.
    We wanted something very different, but recognizable, kind of hippie without naming her after a plant. She is breezy and fun, just like a Cree should be. Not really named after the band! She can go by Kaia when she's older if she hates it. What do you think?

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    Re: Honest opinions on daughter's unusual but not weird name!

    I like it. I think whenever a parent can name their child something meaningful thats creative, reflects personal style, without losing simplicity, its a good thing. And like you said, if she doesnt like it, she has a middle name she can go by that is slightly more common. Good Job!

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