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    Jul 2014

    Generation CAF 1/21/16

    Favorite names- Olivia Margot Gwendolyn ^ Ezekiel Gregory Thaddeus

    20 year old girl - College Student - Name Enthusiast -

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    Dec 2013
    DH(64): James Marvin Pyles
    DW(61): Victoria Elaine Kahler Pyles

    DS(39): Patrick Marvin Pyles
    DD(37): Jessica Michelle Pyles
    DS(31): Kenneth David Pyles

    DS(39): Patrick Marvin Pyles
    -DW(40): Anna Carrie Exner Pyles
    -DS(13): Walker Reed Pyles
    -DS(11): Quentin Kash Pyles
    -DD(6): Jolie Adelina Pyles
    -DS(3): Rider Grady Pyles

    DD(37): Jessica Michelle Pyles Milne
    -DH(37): Nathan Thomas Milne
    -DS/DS(12): Julian Erik Milne/Dante Finlay Milne
    -DS(8): Dallas Miles Milne
    -DD(5): Elena Skye Milne
    -DS(2): Abram Clay Milne

    DS(31): Kenneth David Pyles
    -DW(28): Darcy Roxanne Maglio Pyles
    -DD(nb): Lara Chelsea Pyles

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    Jan 2015
    DH: Marvin James Prior (64)
    DW: Suzanne Victoria (Zimmerman) Prior (61)

    DS: Jonathan James Prior (39)
    DD: Allison Michelle Prior (37)
    DS: Kevin David Prior (31)

    DS: Jonathan James Prior (39)
    -DW: Valerie Elizabeth (Lillington) Prior (40)
    -DS: Reed Kennedy Prior (13)
    -DS: Kaden Bellamy Prior (11)
    -DD: Jolie Athena Prior (6)
    -DS: Brock Grady Prior (3)

    DD: Allison Michelle (Prior) Pannowitz (37)
    -DH: Michael Gabriel Pannowitz (37)
    -DS/DS: (12): Julian Mason Pannowitz & Jordan Camron Pannowitz
    -DS: Miles Derrick Pannowitz (8)
    -DD: Molly Elena Pannowitz (5)
    -DS: Rory Edward Pannowitz (2)

    DS: Kevin David Prior (31)
    -DW: Lori Serena (Hirst) Prior (28)
    -DD: Kinley Maja Prior (nb)
    Isaac Carl Roger + Alice Astrid Maria + Alvin Carl Isidor
    auntie to Milia Therese & Colin Per Mikael

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    Jul 2015
    DH (64): Gary Ralph Dobson
    DW (61): Rita Elaine *Kahler* Dobson
    DS1 (39): Patrick Ralph Dobson
    DD1 (37): Tracy Allison Dobson
    DS2 (31): Bryan Kenneth Dobson

    DS1 (39): Patrick Ralph Dobson
    DW (40): Melanie Jennifer *Lillington* Dobson
    -DS (13): Reed Walker Dobson
    -DS (11): Jaime Kayden Dobson
    -DD (6): Emily Jolie Dobson
    -DS (3): Brock Rider Dobson

    DD1 (37): Tracy Allison *Dobson* Milne
    DH (37): Nathan Phillip Milne "Nate"
    -DS/DS (12): Julian Mason Milne/Jordan Dante Milne
    -DS (8): Miles Grant Milne
    -DD (5): Molly Skye Milne
    -DS (2): Jaxon Reece Milne "Jax"

    DS2 (31): Bryan Kenneth Dobson
    DW (28): Darcy Roxanne *Beesley* Dobson
    -DD (nb): Kinley Katherine Dobson

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    Oct 2015
    DH(64): James Michael Dobson
    DW(61): Elaine Victoria Dobson (MN: Tito)
    -DS(39): Patrick Michael Dobson
    -DD(37): Allison Monica Dobson
    -DS(31): Curtis Raymond Dobson
    DS(39): Patrick Michael Dobson
    -DW(40): ElizabethLibbyJennifer Dobson (MN: Lillington)
    -DS(13): KennedyKenTerrence Dobson
    -DS(11): Jaime Quentin Dobson
    -DD(6): Jolie Athena Dobson
    -DS(3): Grady Elroy Dobson
    DD(37): Allison Monica Milne
    -DH(37): Gabriel Thomas Milne
    -DS/DS(12): Julian Erik Milne and EmmanuelMannyDante Milne
    -DS(8): Dallas Miles Milne
    -DD(5): Elena Kit Milne
    -DS(2): Clay Jaxon Milne
    DS(31): Curtis Raymond Dobson
    -DW(28): Serena Roxanne Dobson (MN: Hirst)
    -DD(nb): Freya Chelsea Dobson

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