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Thread: BNG Story.

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    BNG Story.

    1. You just graduated from college, what you become? What's your full name? (Don't have to be real)
    You already had a 5 month old daughter from (I'll let you put that) Her first name must be a State and Middle name a Month Her second middle name must be a color. Her full name? (MUST have your last name)

    2. While at work you met a guy (He's a police officer) What's his full name?

    3. After 6 months of dating he moves in and you discover you are pregnant. You have Twin girls. The first born's Name must stare with a "C" and The other must start with a "S" Their middle names must be old fashion names. The 2nd middle names are whatever you choose. Full names?

    4. One year later you have a baby boy. His first name must start with a "P" and Middle name is his father's and you choose his 2nd. What is his full name?

    5. When your daughter is 3 and your Twins are 2 and your son is 11 months you get a call saying your boyfriend is dead. You had to move to another place. You then discover your pregnant Where? What does the house look like?

    6. You have a baby girl. She must be named after her father and her middle name must be your name and you choose the other middle name.

    7. You meet an actor who is dying of cancer though before he died you where able to tell him you were pregnant with his triplets. What was his full name?

    8. 7 months later you have triplet girls. The First girls name is a Flower. The second Girl a season and the third girl a Month. Their first middle names must be a "A" their second middle names must be a "K" What are their full names (MUST have their father's last name)

    9. Finally when your First daughter is 6, your twins are 5 your son is 3 your second daughter is 2 and Triplets are 5 months. You meet a man in the army. What is his full name?

    10. You get married and a year later you have another set of triplets, A boy and 2 girls. The boy's name must be your very favorite boy name and the girls must have names that are other country's. The first middle names must start with a "H" the boy's second middle name must start with "J" and the girls are flowers. What are their full names?

    11. Now list your family:

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    I have no kids, too young, but I love baby names!

    Girls: Anais, Anya, Annelise, Imogen, Zoe, Niamh, Ella, Marija, Grace, Jensen, Love, Electra, Taylor

    Boys: George, Alexander, Peter, Mordecai, Sawyer, Isaac, Andrew, Xavier, Julian

    Ella Grace
    George Alexander
    Niamh Grace
    Mordecai Peter
    Electra Jensen
    Anais Hannah

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    DW: Evelora Josephine Van Buren (nee. Isaacson)
    DB: Claude Briggs Morgenstern (dead)
    Actor: Daniel Kai Alexander McMurray
    DH: Jackson Paul Van Buren

    DD: Georgia Janvier Roux Isaacson

    DD: Celia Edith Josiane Morgenstern
    DD: Sonnet Adele Jessamine Morgenstern

    DS: Pollux Briggs Adrian Morgenstern

    DD: Claire Evelora Suki Morgenstern

    DD: Lavender Araminta Kinsey McMurray
    DD: Summer Arrietty Kiersten McMurray
    DD: December Arwen Ksenia McMurray

    DS: Gideon Hugo James Van Buren
    DD: Arabia Hayden Calla Van Buren
    DD: Persia Heather Amaryllis Van Buren

    I graduated to become: paediatric psychiatrist
    Georgia is from: previous relationship

    Georgia {age 7}:
    Celia {age 6}:
    Sonnet {age 6}:
    Pollux {age 4}:
    Claire {age 3}:
    Lavender {age 1}:
    Summer {age 1}:
    December {age 1}:
    Gideon {newborn}:
    Arabia {newborn}:
    Persia {newborn}:

    House 1:
    House 2:

    Wedding Dress:
    Wedding Cake:
    Jessamine ✿ Edith ✿ Aurelia ✿ Petra ✿ Niamh ✿ Yael ✿ Araminta ✿ Thea ✿ Manhattan *Mattie* ✿ Cleora
    Gideon ☆ James *Jem* ☆ Fletcher ☆ Aris ☆ Kipling *Kip* ☆ Alby ☆ Theodore *Teddy* ☆ Crewe ☆ Pim ☆ Linus

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