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Thread: MN for Juliet?

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    MN for Juliet?

    Just wondering what could be some good middle names for fn Juliet (sp?). With a last name of two syllables, I feel that the middle name should be only one syllable. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions! Thank you!

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    And what if the last name has three syllables, do you think a middle name with three syllables is too much?
    For example: Juliet Rosalie Michaneau

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    I love Juliet as well. I know Rose is an obvious choice, but I know a little girl named Juliet Rose and her little sister just calls her Rose. It's so sweet. If you are going for one syllable I also like Juliet Rae ("it is the East and Juliet is the sun"), Juliet Snow and Juliet Spring.
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    Best regards; Julia

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