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Thread: MN for Juliet?

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    MN for Juliet?

    Just wondering what could be some good middle names for fn Juliet (sp?). With a last name of two syllables, I feel that the middle name should be only one syllable. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions! Thank you!

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    Re: MN for Juliet?

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    Re: MN for Juliet?

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    Re: MN for Juliet?


    With Juliet and a two-syllable last name (e.g., Baker), I would actually recommend a two-syllable middle name. You've already gotten suggestions for one-syllable names, so I'll jump in with some two-syllable names for your perusal...

    Juliet Alice "Baker"
    Juliet Celine "Baker"
    Juliet Flora "Baker"
    Juliet Helene "Baker"
    Juliet Isolde "Baker"
    Juliet Mireille "Baker"
    Juliet Olive "Baker"
    Juliet Phoebe "Baker"
    Juliet Roxane "Baker"
    Juliet Sarah "Baker"

    Good luck!

    Lemon :-)
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