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Thread: Nymbler Game

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    Nymbler Game

    Here's how to play...go to and put in your top 6 girl names for inspiration. Then put the setting to just girls and see what name suggestions it gives you. List them all here and tell what you think of each name it gave you. Repeat for boys names. Here are mine.


    Inspirations: Hadley, Arabella, Heidi, Reese, Jocelyn and Isla

    It gave me:

    Lucy- Cute
    Mina- Don't like at all
    Violet- Sweet, I like Violet
    Evelyn- Used to be on my long list. Now it lacks luster to me.
    Serenity- Sounds tacky to me.
    Aubrey- Love but I can't use because a family member named their daughter this.
    Amelia- Not a fan. Sounds stuffy to me.
    Aida- Not a fan but I do have to say it's different.
    Quinn- I like Quinn! I think it's pretty!
    Brynn- Love this but it's too close to my name and my husbands name.
    Ivy- I think it has charm. Fresh and modern, yet classic.
    Stella- Sounds so pretty and classy to me. It's already on my short list (combo Stella Kate)
    Alina- Nope.
    Elisa- Not a fan.
    Claudia- Sounds ugly and clunky (no offense to anyone who is named Claudia).


    Inspirations: Elliott, Foster, Elisha, Alexander, Forrest, and Boston

    It gave me:

    Elliot- Prefer two t's
    Reuben- Not a fan.
    Max- Too many dogs out there named Max.
    Mitchell- Dislike.
    Leo- Not my style
    Noah- Love this but it was used by a family member (also too popular for me to use).
    Andrew- Sounds dates to me.
    William- So overdone in my opinion.
    Samuel- Also overdone.
    Lincoln- I like this and I think it could grow on me.
    Liam- Love but it's too popular
    Jay- Dislike.
    Felix- An okay name, just not my style.
    Jacob- Overdone X10 (but a nice name)
    Lucas- I like Lucas! Not a fan of Luke though. I also like Luca.

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    Faye, Isobel, Coralie, Megan, Zoe, and Layla
    gave me:
    Emily - love this name. it's classic yet cute.
    Chloe - eh, it's okay
    Elizabeth - love it, but it's my sister's middle name and i'm Jewish, so I can't use it
    Lena - reminds me of Lena from the Fosters
    Keira - i like this name, but i probably wouldn't use it
    Therese - i know a girl who has this name and i hate her so i definitely don't see myself using it
    Lucy - love this name
    Mona - makes me think of the Addams Family for some reason
    Rena - eh, it's okay
    Esme - Twilight is a big turnoff
    Violet - would definitely use this
    Ronnie - THE LAST SONG D:
    Georgette - Only usable if you're George Forman and even then it's kind of a bad idea
    Marge - Simpson
    Emma - too popular for me. there are four Emma's in my grade (9th) alone.

    Declan, Sullivan, Sawyer, Warren, Beckett, and Blake
    gave me:
    Vaughn - Vince
    Finn - Hudson
    Everett - a kid in my math class
    Liam - my crush
    Hudson - Henry, Finn, or the river
    Tobin - i don't really like this
    Jack - it's cute i guess
    Broderick - too many syllables
    Ross - Lynch or Geller
    Drake - Bell
    Noah - Obviously this name is unusable at least for now due to its popularity of number one
    Oliver - Twist or Hudson
    Owen - I like it in the mn spot
    Henry - Hudson or Ford
    Kendal - two 'l's please

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    Paige, Heidi, lauren, Amabel maddie and Anya

    Emily- love

    Elizabeth- like

    Raine- hate
    Name Writing Geek
    Names I love

    Persephone Quinn, Anya Joelle, Heidi Mae, Amalie Jade, Lydia Rose
    Issac Thomas, Oliver Scott

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    Girls: I put in: Clara, Maisie, Faith, Piper, Cadence, & Amelia, and it gave me:
    Mariana - not my style
    Olive - makes me think of the food (don't like it)
    Olivia - too many people i know
    Harper - love love
    Lucy - also love
    Gracie - too nickname like
    Elizabeth - too common
    Charlotte - i love it
    Ava - cute, love as nickname of Avery or Avalon
    Audrey - not my style
    Tia - not at all
    Violet - Harmon from AHS
    Grace - Cute
    Annabelle - Southern-ish, cute
    Ella - Short, but cute

    Boys: I put in Elias, Samuel, Benjamin, Wesley, Landon, and Declan, and it gave me:
    William - love, especially with nickname Liam
    Nathaniel - My ex boyfriend/child's father's name
    Jose - i know too many people with this name
    Raphael - Not my style
    Andrew - Love for middle name
    Ivan - eh not my fave
    Jesse - makes me think of Full House
    Blaine - Blaine Anderson
    Owen - cute
    Jacob - too popular
    Clayton - I don't like this at all
    Max - too nickname-ish
    Alexander - Love love love (nn Alec)
    Dermot - I don't like this at all
    Reid - Cute Middle name
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), and Everett William & Nora Elizabeth (12/29/15).

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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    Inspirations: Audrey, Iris, Ophelia, Penelope, Matilda, Elena
    Gave me:
    Helena-It's nice, but I prefer Elena.
    Daphne-I think it's lovely.
    Katharine-I like this one a lot.
    Grace-Not my taste, it's still a nice name though.
    Veronica-I like it.
    Elise-Cute and spunky.
    Antonia-Don't like it at all.
    Olivia-I love this one.
    Elizabeth-I LOVE it, it's been a favorite for years. It' classic, pretty and stylish with many great nicknames.
    Charlotte-Another classic I love, been on my list for a long time.
    Violet-Pretty, but not my style really.
    Amelia-I really like it.

    Inspirations: James, Samuel, William, Owen, Felix, Caleb
    Gave me:
    Oliver-I like it a lot.
    Duncan-Not my taste.
    Joseph-It's okey.
    Saul-No. Just no.
    John-I like this one a lot.
    Clayton-Not my taste, makes me think of the villain in Disney's Tarzan.
    Henry-I love it! It's a family name on my dad's side.
    Liam-It's a nice name, but also BORING.
    Benjamin-One of my favorite boy's name.
    Isaac-I like it.
    Joel-Same as with Liam.
    Matthew-Nice, but I prefer Matthias.
    Noah-I like it.
    Raphael-Nice enough.
    Name nerd. Cat lover. Proud aunt to Ellen Lizzie 3/17/2015

    Lovely Girls
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    Alice Theodora*Matilda Jane*Florence Mary*Edith Grace*Audrey Elisabeth*Rose Viviana*
    Handsome Boys
    James Henry*William August*Owen Frederick*Isaiah Paul*Sebastian Charles*Louis Andrew*
    Caleb James*Wyatt Nicholas*Thomas Emilio*Alexander John*Samuel Evan*Gabriel Matthew*

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