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    My name is Ebony Anne Morgan 34 and your husband is William Samuel Baker 35 we have been married for 10 years.
    we have 8 children.

    our first is a little girl who is now 11. Her name is Isobel Jamesie Rose but nicknamed Bella. She is named after my grandma and nana and his grandma. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and loves reading but hates her name being spelt wrong and used to hate the spelling until she learnt the meaning of it to me and doesn't want to be an Isabelle anymore. Bella loves reading. This is a photo of Bella at her school play.
    This is what her room looks like

    next was a little girl who is now 9. Her name is Sophie Anne Marie but nicknamed Soph. Sophie is named for my Anne is a family middle name and his nana Sophie doesn't like having a common name but I have loved it ever since I was 11 so she understands. She looks like her dad and is a little bit of a tomboy. Here is a picture of Soph watching her sister ride.
    This is what her room looks like (the computers are all of the children's just kept in her room)

    My next was another girl who is now 7. Her name is Miranda Grace Samantha but nicknamed Mia. Mia's name I have loved forever andGrace is my great-grandma and Samantha is after her dad whose middle is Samuel. Mia has brown hair and brown eyes and is a spitting image of her father which is why her middle is Samantha. She loves reading and writing. This is a picture of her before her aunts wedding.

    This is what her bedroom looks like:

    My next is a girl who is now 5. Her name is Ellen Louise Catherine nicknamed Ellie. Louise is after my sister and Catherine is after his sister. Ellie is a spitting image of Mia. But Ellie loves watching disney movies and dressing up. Ellie calls herself Cinderella sometimes after the princess.

    This is what her room looks like

    My youngest are twin boys now 18 months.There names are Eamon Harold James after my pop and James is a name that runs as a middle on both sides. The other is Tiago Bryan John after my grandad and his grandad. They are identical with brown hair and very curious. they love playing with there big sisters. Eamon is on the right and Tiago is on the left.

    This is what their rooms look like:
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    Me: I am Nicole Anessa VanBeau. I am 31 years old and a mother of 5 beautiful lovely children and an amazing husband of 10 years. I have 3 biological children and two adoptive daughters from China. I quit my job as a pediatrican to stay home and raise my children.

    Husband: His name is Sean Matthew VanBeau. He is 32 years old and has his a shared buisness with his father as an optometrist. He is the main supporter of the family and an amazing father. He loves spending as much time with the kids as much as possible.

    Our eldest son: His name is Caberlai Alexander Justin VanBeau. Nickname is "Cabe". He is 6 years old and loves playing sports. He plays hockey in the winter and football during the summer. He loves playing with his younger siblings but can be a real rebel when he wants to. ::

    Our second: His name is Zaiden Matthew VanBeau. He is 4.5 years old and loves to dirtbike and quad. Zaiden and Caberlai are close and love doing everything together. ::

    Our third child: Her name is Audrie-Rae Lucille VanBeau. Nickname is "Rae-Rae" She is 2.5 years old. She is very energetic and a wild child! she loves to get dirty and have fun with her older brothers. ::

    Our twin daughters: We have twin daughters that we adoptive from China. Violet Anessa VanBeau and Ellery Nicole VanBeau "Ellie". They are 6 months old and were adoptive from China when they were 4 months. They have both very different personalities. Violet is a daddys girl and loves to play rought with her sister while Ellery is very quiet and loves being with mom. ::

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    Me: Jasey Rae Payne
    DH: Jeremy Alexander Payne

    DS: Leon Alexander Payne - Leo is our 5 year old son. He is a playful, energetic, and rambunctious little boy. He LOVES dragons and runs around pretending to be a dragon all the time.

    DS: Lachlan Michael Payne - Lach is 3 and is very quite and shy. He likes playing with building blocks and silently tormenting his older brother. But he is as sweet as can be to his baby sisters.

    DD/DD: Leah Arianna Payne and Lydia Mackenzie Payne - Lee and Lyd are our babies. They just turned 1 and are the sweetest little girls in the world. They are both super super smart. Leah is learning how to talk, but not to walk. While Lydia is learning to walk, and not talking. They are sure to have bright futures ahead of them.

    Lee and Lyd:

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    Hi, I'm Molly Anna Madigan. I'm a thirty-eight year old engineer for Disney World in Florida, I design rides hotels and hide Mickey heads for money, it's pretty amazing. My amazing husband is Kellan Rhys Madigan, he's brilliant and older than he wants to be at forty-two, he works as a chemistry professor at a local university.
    Here's a picture of us at our wedding:

    We have eight children all of which are beautiful, talented and strange beyond belief. Our eldest is seventeen, he may or may not have been a honeymoon baby, but that's not important anymore. His name is Dalton Thomas Madigan, Dalton for my uncle who died young and Thomas for my grandfather who meant a great deal to me, he taught me how to write really well and how to make fruit pancakes and such. Dalton himself is brilliant and very protective of his younger siblings, when he graduates he wants to become a police officer.
    Here's a picture of him:

    Our second child, first girl is twelve, her name's Vivienne Maria. Vivienne is named for my mother Vivian Marie. Vivienne is a daddy's girl and very much her father's daughter, she wants to follow in Kellan's footsteps and become a chemistry professor.
    Here's Vivienne:

    Next is our ten year old William Christian, he loves playing football, soccer to you yanks. He loves watching BBC and is in love with Jeremy Brett's Sherlock, he wants to be a consulting detective when her grows up.
    Our dear William:

    Seven year old Cordelia Isabelle, we call her Cora, is next. She loves reading and being read to especially the Little House on the Prairie, she loves learning about history and scribbling in her notebooks.
    Our Avatar Cora:

    Next came our twins Alice Genevieve & Alexia Prudence who are five now, they are both disney-lovers, which is an addiction I fully support. They have marched in ten of Disney's parades and love to 'help' the princess get ready for going out into the park.
    Princess Alice:
    Princess Alexia:

    Our youngest boy is two year old Isaac Augustus, I think he's going to be an architect or engineer like me, he loves playing with duplo (the toddler legos) and building castles.
    Mini me:

    Our littlest is a girl named Miranda Violet she was born in May and loves laughing and rolling around the floor
    William Thomas, Elias Christian, Malcolm James, Isaac Finnian, Joshua Benedict, Vincent Theo, Henry Samuel, Nolan Percival, Robert Julian, Ephraim Maxwell, Gideon Huxley, Arthur Kellan, Ronan Abraham, Miles Nathaniel & Jude Everett

    Alice Genevieve, Eleanor Audrey, Cecily Arianwen, Ivy Arabella, Susanna Irene, Clara Josephine, Lorena Ceridwen, Edith Madeline, Miranda Yvaine, Cordelia Isobel, Vivienne Eliza, Moira Eglantine, Charlotte Paloma, Harriet Phoebe & Aria Guinevere

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    DH: Dominic Samuel Rivera (36)
    DW: Miranda Jane Rivera (33)

    DD: Natalya Winter Rivera (9)

    DD/DS: Daphne Aria Rivera & Alexander Jude Rivera(6)

    DS: Solomon Blue Rivera (3)

    DD: Rosalie Ivy Hope Rivera (NB)

    2 Greyhounds- Rigby (m) & Juniper (f)
    1 Black Cat- Houdini (m)

    My Little Family:
    Nico (Papi), Mandy (Mama), Naya, Daphne, Xander, Solomon & Rue
    Rigby, Juni & Houdini
    My Ever-Changing Eclectic Little List:
    ♫ Alexander, Alec, Brant, Camden, Griffin, Jonathan, Jude, Theo, Theodor, Wesley, Xavier ♫
    ♡ Arielle, Channing, Isabelle, Estella, Johanna, Kalani, Marin, Piper, Rosalie, Sasha♡

    Mama to a kitty named Arion Blue
    Auntie to Carson Wade (7/18/2013)

    Vote on some of my names here:

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