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    Harry Potter CAF

    (36)DH: Amos, Remus, Severus, Harry/John, Bilius, Percival, Brian

    (35)DW: Andromeda, Molly, Bathilda, Petunia/Rose, Cissy, Kendra, Mafalda

    (12)DD/DD: Hermione, Luna, Parvati, Fleur/Jean, Minerva, Bell, Pomana AND Ginny, Bellatrix, Angelina, Alicia/Nagini, Mary, Helena, Rowena

    (11)DS: Ron, Albus, Oliver, Xenophilius/Hugo, Goyle, Crabbe, George

    (9)DD: Ariana, Hannah, Penelope,Lily/Gabriella, Nymphadora, Dolores, Maisie

    (8)DS: Ted, Dirk, James, Neville/Gornuk, Griphook, Dean, Arthur

    puppy1: Rita, Aberforth, Dobby, Bill

    puppy2: Greyback, Travers, Ignotus, Sirius

    kitten1:Grindelwald, Dora, Draco, Victorie

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    DH: Remus Percival
    DW: Andromeda Rose

    DD/DD: Hermione Minerva & Ginny Rowena
    DS: Albus George
    DD: Penelope Dolores
    DS: Neville Arthur

    puppy1: Dobby
    puppy2: Sirius
    kitten1: Dora
    Isaac Carl Roger + Alice Astrid Maria + Alvin Carl Isidor
    auntie to Milia Therese & Colin Per Mikael

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    (36)DH: Harry John

    (35)DW: Molly Rose

    (12)DD/DD: Hermione Jean AND Alicia Helena

    (11)DS: Oliver George

    (9)DD: Lily Gabriella

    (8)DS: James Arthur

    puppy1: Bill

    puppy2: Sirius

    kitten1: Victorie

    Elizabeth Liliana Emma Alexia Arabella Grace
    Sophie Esmeralda Adelaide Amelie Madeleine Helene

    Christopher Alexander Oliver Daniel Ezra James
    William Arthur Sebastian Victor

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    DH (36): Harry John
    DW (35): Molly Rose
    DD/DD (12): Luna Jean & Alicia Mary
    DS (11): Oliver George
    DD (9): Hannah Maisie
    DS (8): James Arthur

    Puppy 1: Abeforth
    Puppy 2: Sirius
    Kitten 1: Dora

    Harry & Molly:
    -Luna, Allie, Oliver, Nan & Jim.

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