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    Name Your Daughter Based On the Seasons!

    You have a daughter each season of the year! What do you name them?

    DD#1 (Summer): Augusta, Berry, Julia, Lakea, Meadow, Oceana, Rae, Peach, Seana, Wavey, August, Bee, Green, Juno, Kai, Lake, Ocean, Sailor, Thunder, Water

    DD#2 (Fall): Amber, Berry, Charde, Fira, Golda, Laurel, Maple, November, Raven, Saffron, Windy, Ash, Brown, Copper, Garnet, Harvest, Maize, Oak, Pumpkin, September

    DD#3 (Spring): April, Blossom, Chrysalis, Daisy, Easter, Flora, Honey, Lily, March, Nectaria, Pastelle, Robin, Spring, Tulip, Windy, Bird, Dew, Rainn, Clover, May

    DD#4 (Winter): Amaryllis, Camellia, December, February, Haile, Icelyn, January, Snow, Winterrose, Aster, Blaze, Ice, Ski, White, Chrysanthemum, Fire, Holly, Ivy-Rose, Snowflake, Snowden'

    Extra Question: Which season name bank is your favorite? I LOVE winter names!
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    Miranda Morgan-Charity Lisa-Winter Rose-Violet Eve-Anastasia Sophia ---- Elijah James-Winter Hawk-Elijah Zander-Peyton Blue

    Girls: Yuki, Aisu, Winterrose, Anastasia
    Boys: Zero, Winterhawk, Elijah, Zander

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    Kaitlyn Jean | 20 | Name lover | College student

    Wren | June | Edith | Lila | Nora | Alice | Emmeline
    Eliana | Claire | Adelaide | Aubrey

    Daniel | Elliott | James | Tobias | Declan | Desmond
    Ryan | Wyatt | Preston | Arthur

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    DD#1 (Summer): Juno Augusta
    DD#2 (Fall): Laurel Maple
    DD#3 (Spring): Flora Daisy
    DD#4 (Winter): Camellia Snow (Millie)

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    DD#1 (Summer): Seana Juno
    DD#2 (Fall): Fira Windy
    DD#3 (Spring): April Daisy
    DD#4 (Winter): Ivy-Rose Aster
    Names of the moment:
    Phoebe and Farley
    Shepherd and Otter

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